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Android gaming is getting more and more addictive and popular these days. We often find the ‘fever’ of Android games spread madly among a lot and lot of Android users. Every 2 or 3 months we find gamers’ thumbs busy swiping and tapping on different cool and catchy games. This is mainly because Google play store provides most of its games free to users and their installation and use take no special efforts or time. In addition to this, the Android games developing market is very huge and so fast that it gifts us a new addictive and marvelous game in every 2-3 months which becomes globally popular.

So Let us look at the best Android games and awaited games of 2019! With the improvement in gaming industry day after day, we are looking forward to some really impressive and thrill ride games from this year. Below are the top 10 best and awaited Android games of 2019:

1. The Day after tomorrow:

Android Games

‘The Day after tomorrow’ is a new good graphics loaded game presented by Net ease full of action, battle and survival tactics. This game is an online multiplayer game where we can meet other players, form an alliance with them and kill for survival.

Theme: The theme of the game takes us a territory attacked by zombies and our role is facing them all, fight and knock them down and survive. We need to pick up many types of weapons to destroy the zombies and secure the territory and be the surviving winner. We can also form a collaboration with other online players to team up and face the threat and zombie army together. Although it is a multiplayer online game, we can’t play against other human players instead, we can form a team with them and play together to kill and survive! When being hit and injured, use food and medications to boost your health and get back in full power.

To play this game, we need to follow simple screen controls, we are provided with an in screen joystick movement controller on the left side. We are given simple shoot an item using touch areas.

Technical information:
Producer: Net ease games
Get it on Net ease
Language available: English, Chinese
Android version required: minimum Android 4.0
License: free

2. Shadowgun War Games:

Android Games

Second in the list is the ‘Shadowgun war games’. This game presents us a new idea for war. Shadowgun war games are a multiplayer FPS war game presented by Madfinges. We land in a battlefield full of fighters, we need to choose our own fighter for the war and play along with our team and be the fighting champion with our skills, tactics, and reflexes. This game is a multiplatform type game supporting Android, iOS and Nintendo switch.

The game will bring us to a selection of our desired hero for the fight. Each hero has his own special powers and abilities which makes him one of a kind. We need to team up with our squad of heroes and fight together making strategies and giving our best fights to win the game.

The game is based on flag capturing mechanics, which means we need to form up a team of 5 heroes and compete against the opponent team, using our special skills and win and take hold of the flag shattering down the enemies. This game is taking a step into the world of mobile gaming with a different but an awesome concept and is hoped to bring a tidal wave in the ocean of Android games!

Technical information:
Developer: Madfinger games
Platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo switch.
Android required: Android 4.0 or above.

3. Song of Ruin

Android Games

Song of Ruin is the third on this list which takes us into the world of ancients, Dark souls and fantasies. It is produced by Day3.

We are a warrior and have entered the world of dark souls to combat with them and destroy with them our weapons of different kinds and keep moving ahead. There are 10 different types of weapons and we need to switch them and access all of them in different conditions and become a master of weapons and clash with the deadly dark souls and keep our adventure continued. We as a warrior need to play with our different war strategies and take tactics and weapon usage and keep moving ahead in our journey.

The game graphics give us a special and thrilling experience of the ancient fantasy world of dark souls, bloodsheds, and clashes. We need to tackle with different sort of enemies and defeat them to advance to the next stage. There are swords, battle axes, blades and Shields and a lot more weapons. Attach all the weapons and fight with them in different situations and go through the situations and keep clashing and shattering down enemy dark souls in this ancient fantasy-full thrill ride adventure!

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Technical information:
Platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo switch, PS4, and PC.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Android Games

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is another Awaited Augmented reality game which makes us enter into the famous character of Harry Potter!
The Augmented reality concept introduced in this game makes us experience a new thrilling and realistic experience which makes use of our real-time location to play in an augmented reality world. This game is presented by Niantic.

We as Harry Potter have to travel in this virtual reality world and encounter several beasts and unsolved mysteries and keep moving ahead, we will explore casting spells, meeting characters from the Harry Potter series and dealing with the legendary beasts!

The gameplay of this Augmented reality game is going to be of a wider network and scope than that of Pokemon go. It will be a better option to go for this game in the City area where the network is strong and complete enough to meet the requirements of this game, unlike rural areas. Harry Potter fans are going to love this game as there will be meeting up of the legendary Harry Potter characters along with the famous beasts.

Technical information:
OS: Android.
License: free
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian and more.
Version: 1.0
Developer: Warner Bro’s Entertainment Inc.

5. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Android Games

Bethesda Game Studios is presenting a brand new free to play the game for the Elder Scrolls series. We are going to get this game in early 2019. Elder Scrolls: Blades is going to launch its future gaming part in the mobile world and Android users are going to experience this magnificent piece of work. This game is going to present us some amazing graphics with console quality gameplay.

We in the game Belong to the ancient world order of blades. Your home town is taken over by the enemies and their capturing is devastating. You are forced to go to an exile and leave the town. Now your task is to take back your kingdom from the enemies and regain its respect and glory.
Use a range of weapons and fighting techniques with your swords. Bring up lightning stroke from your sword and take incredible clash with your enemies and take your revenge to get back your kingdom.

You can rebuild your town with your strategies and managing skills. The Invaders have destroyed your town. Rebuild your town and customize it as per your preference. Land into the fighting arena and prove your warrior skills and defeat your Invaders.

The game is going to present excellent graphics and warrior mode and will take us to the breathtaking ancient order of blades! So stay tuned for this much-awaited series of The Elder Scrolls!

Technical Information:
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Series: The Elder Scrolls
Genre: Action role-playing game
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

6. H1Z1: Battle Royal

Android Games

As the trend of Battle Royal and battlefield is getting into great popularity in these times, H1Z1 Battle Royal is running fast in the race too. This game is gaining popularity now. It features a Battle Royal of 150 players, influenced by the famous game Player Unknown’s Battle Royal. It is an online multiplayer game where we need to land in a Battle Royal with 150 other players. There will be intense fights, weapons and simulation usage which will take us to an awesome thrill ride. The best part of this game is that it allows players to play independently with their own strategies and tactics. Usage of explosives different kinds of weapons and strategies are the features which will make us its addict.

The game will begin as we will land in a fight area of 150 players. We will then rush in the game and will search for weapons in the geographical and infrastructures of the game map. On getting weapons of our choice and knocking down the enemies we will keep advancing in the match. There will be a play zone area and players will have to be in the playing area to survive. The ultimate goal in the game is to survive and be the last man standing!

Technical information:
OS: Android
Producer: Nant Works.

7. World of Demons

Android Games

World of demons takes us to the storyline of Japanese folklore. We play the part of a samurai warrior and fight with the mythological demons of the Japanese stories. The game will also give us the experience of typical ancient Japanese samurai stories with other exciting elements too. This game is presented by Platinum games in partnership with DeNa mobile company.

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The game will be played in the storyline of medieval Japan, so the players who know about the old folklore of Japan will find it very interesting. This game is developed exclusively for Android and iOS platform. Players will hold the Japanese sword and fight like a samurai, defeating the mighty demons. The demons will be well known and featured in the ancient Japanese folklore.

The battle and fighting control in this game are a bit different idea based. The game is all touch controlled, the player as a samurai needs to move towards the enemy and the player will automatically perform the move to strike at the enemy. Although there will be a series or combo of attacks on the enemy and user needs to decide when to defend and when to attack and what to attack. The player will create its best combos to knock down the demon with defense at the needed time. The player will win the fight when At the correct time the player will need to use ‘a la Okami ‘ to give to the final blow to the supernatural monster and evil spirits!

8. Bad North

Android Games

Bad North is another great real-time strategy game which is already available on Xbox One, Play station 4 and Nintendo switch and now it’s arriving soon in the angry gaming!

In this game, you have to play the role of a prince and use your strategies skills and techniques to fight with Invaders and kill the enemy army. You will be given an island, a kingdom where you will be the ruler and there will be an enemy invasion! Your job is to prepare your army and make it conquer the Invader army with the best possible technique and strategy and position. The difficulty will keep advancing and your skills of tactics will be challenging. You will have to judge and react very smartly according to the invasion and get the enemy’s move before it comes to your destruction. As you will secure the island, you will be given another unique island to rule and protect, each time there will be different layouts and amazing graphics!

9. Payday: Crime War

Android Games

Pay Day: Crime war is a magnificent idea based player Vs player game. It has been popular on PC and it is now releasing on Android too. It is an online multiplayer team-based game. The idea behind the game is really fun and thrilling. There will be two teams who will play against each other .one team will take the job of criminals and will try to perform a robbery, and the other team will take the job of a SWAT team and will try to prevent the crime to happen. Sounds interesting right?

There will be maximum 8 players in the match. As we will make more progress and completions in the game, we will receive weapons and additional abilities in-game setup.

The game is with a very catchy idea and is going to attract many users at a fast rate. The developers haven’t yet revealed the release date, but we are going to experience this amazing game as soon as possible!

10. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally racing off road

Android Games

Asphalt is always amazing car racing game built with stunning and amazing graphics. The racing experience and hardcore graphics of this game give us a heart-winning performance. Everything in this one is going to be extreme. There will be jungles, deserts, and canyons, the game will present us amazing off-road driving experience.

The performance will be boosted when the nitro modes will be on and the ultimate racing is experienced. This rally racing is going to be one of the most extreme and hardcore as its name suggests! There will be different tracks and vehicles. They will key unlocked as one will make more and more progress accordingly.

There will be different vehicles in the extreme geographical terrains which will take us to an ultimate thrill ride filled with Adventure and hardcore graphics which is going to impress its players and make them an addict!
Producer: Gameloft

Technical information:
OS: Android 4.0 and above

So, these were the best and upcoming Android games of 2019. There will be a lot more news and releases.

For more updates and the latest news stay tuned with thinkGSM.


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