Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK for Android can be downloaded from the link provided below. A new strategy game has recently released by FTX Games LTD which an award is winning mobile game developer company. The game story is based on the popular TV series Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, it’s a game which is based on collaboration. The game is fully based on storyline and base-builder which will help you to move forward to build the world, Heisenberg. The game is so much fun which makes you feel like you’re a part of Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements.

How to Play:

In this new strategy, game players will be working with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White to help them in making their own lab. You will be helping these two heroes to grow their simple RV to a huge lab with super cool architecture and interiors.

While helping them you will be facing one of your favorite characters from famous shows like Gus Fring and many more which will make you also feel like you are a famous personality and you’re meeting them in reality. The game is right now available for pre-registration in Google Play Store and once you register the player will be rewarded with a lot of bonus, upgrades and other special features. This in return will help you to achieve your milestone in a very short period of time.

In this game, the player will be starting their career under the superstars like Walter, duo, Jesse Pinkman and many more. You will help to come up in their business from small to huge. The support to the business is very strong without any worry you will be supporting them where you will see blurred morality and volatile personalities. The player will have a huge hand in transforming immature stolen chemistry lab to one of the power labs in the city.

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Here you will be learning how to climb the business from roots to top with all strategies, as this is a game which is based on strategies. You will be distributing and assigning the tasks to have improvements in the lab, to perfect the product that is manufactured by your company, protecting your base, building your own army, and expanding your land of business.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

This is not going to be easy, making a huge business from stolen chemistry lab types of equipment is not an easy task you will be facing many enemies which will be coming in your way to destroy your territory and take over your business. So to save you base and territory you need to build your own empire by recruiting specialist like Mike, Saul and many other specialists who are famous and you might be a fan of those characters from the series.

While playing the game you can boost up your specialist which will return defend your base, boost up the production and take charge of the army as well to complete the task or production on time.

Download Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK

Application Name:Download Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements
Current Version:
File Size:81 MB
Uploaded on:June 09, 2019
Requires Android:5.0 and up

Click Here to Download APK File

Features of the game:

• Players will need to build their base, to build the bases you are free to do whatever you want. The main moto is to expand your business at any cost. Players will be constructing new buildings and upgrading them for more productivity.
• Players will be defending their operation from rivals.
• The player will develop their lab and working hard to generate resources for more productivity in lesser time.
• The player will be expanding their territory as you build move your product for new resources and area which will in return provides you development. At the same time keep in mind to move to the area first before your enemies enter to destroy your development.

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