Attack on Titan

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Download Attack on Titan: Assault Game APK Update 2019 for Android from the link provided below.

The attack on titans is a game made by fans based on the famous anime Attack on Titan. The game is an android based game available on play store. The game was previously available on PC and XBOX and PlayStations but has now been brought to the Android platform. It is unlicensed by Kodansha gaming and is currently available in demo version.

Currently it is having a little development and involvement about the characteristics and details about the characters in the game as of the anime series but still, this demo version tells enough so that it delivers us the idea of what the developer is aiming to present in the game.

The environments and the characteristics also look very primitive in their design, they have been presented on in a cute theme which is not effective everywhere on their game. For example, when applied on characters, it is successful, but on the titans which are massive and devastating, the cute theme fails as it does not present the character of the huge titans perfectly.

# Gameplay of Attack on Titan: Assault 

We can play this game by taking up any of the characters from the anime series. ( like Levi, Mikasa, Eren, and company) from the show.

When you take up the character, you are all set to battle against the invading titans. You are sent into the battle arena where the action begins against the Titans! Your mission is to exterminate all the titans who are invading your territory.

These giants have got massive powers enough to crush the buildings around them, so you need to attack and face them accordingly. Their structure and huge body is a threat to you and your territory, so you need to use both power and intelligence against them. These giants are venerable on the nape point of their neck.

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This signifies that you need to have a master control on the famous team dimensional maneuvers to get behind them and hit an attack on this weak point of them if you want to knock the giants down and save your territory.

Attack on Titan

# Game Controls:

On our mobile screen, we can swipe at the right time to get the things done perfectly. There are 2 grappling hooks, when we tap on the hook, it will slingshot us towards the enemy titans and we can control our movement in the air by the swiping controls. Our job is to tap the screen at the right moment to defeat the enemies.

The fans of Attack on Titans anime are going to enjoy this game the most as they are taking up the role and powers of their favorite characters of the anime. By placing the attack on the Titans, highlights attack on titan tribute game’s biggest issues that is of the play controls. As we see in the show that our character has got two grappling hooks. These hooks will slingshot your hero through the air by firing it against any real object in the world, including the Titans.

We can control each of the rope individually or we can also manage both the ropes simultaneously with one single control for having the real speed boost. These controls sound cool but they are harder than they look, and it requires real-time concentration to master these hook management. So these dynamics give this thrills but their incredible hardness makes the things balanced when we try to control the simultaneous movement along with the management of movement, camera, jump, dodge, and attacks using the standard keyboard and mouse inputs.

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Download Attack on Titan: Assault Game APK

Application Name:Attack on Titan
File Size:91.8 MB
Current Version:1.1.5
Uploaded On:June 30, 2019
Requires Android:4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up

Download Attack on Titan APK Here

The Attack on Titans have no support of gamepad, well, on the other hand, it is hard to judge that will the game controls easier on a gamepad because on the complexities of the characters’ abilities. But it seems unlikely as so many things need to be managed simultaneously.

This game still has got a very basic look for now. For instance, sometimes when you are about to hit the titan, the giants suddenly turn themselves resulting you going into their mouths or flying straight away with the slingshot movement. This may result in your giving up on this demo version as it is under the development of the details of the characters and is going to be developed into a fully formed version of the game which will be having all the details of the fights and the characters in the anime show as presented in the game.

So this game, for now, is allowing us to try a few areas and few characters. The further updates to the game will be bringing up easier and more interactive controls, a better depiction of the storyline and details of the characters. So that is said and observed it is a fun proof of concept and may become into a better and addictive version further when made into a fully formed version.

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