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Clash of clans has been the best and the unbeatable game for years. It seems this game is far more away from being defeated or being overtaken by any other game of its genre. It has been more than six years to the game and is still in running to be the top of all. It has been gaining more and more fans each day. The number of persons diving into it seems to be increasing day by day. The probable reason for that might be the creativity and intelligence of the developer.

Supercell the developer of the clash of clans has been bringing up more and more and recent updates to the game which is increasing the interest of the users to play the amazing game. The interest of the users is because of the continuous updates and this time also the users are waiting for the next update with a lot more high level of expectations.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what all can be the new features in this 2019 update.

Although the last update, in the last year has been a great experience for the developers as well as players. The reason for this successfulness of the game can be that the developers take the comments and feedback of the players seriously every time they come with a new update, so as to fulfill the expectations of users.

Clash of Clans update

When is the update arriving?

The update can arrive in the mid of March or there can be more than one update in a year. The exact date for the update is not revealed. Beautiful things may take time but when it is going to come it is going to be worth waiting for.

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What’s new in Clash of Clans update:

  1. There can be a feature of quests on a daily basis. Although the game has already got many quests it would be more amazing if it brings on a daily basis with many interesting features to be looking forward. This is going to even motivate the players to log in to the game on a daily basis so as to brush up their skills.
  2. Another gem mine the game would become even nicer if the developer brings upon more gems mine to the game so that the players can get more than one gem in one day. At the time there is the only one which allows grabbing only one or 2 gems in one day which is slightly less amount. This feature received great appreciation when it was added to the game recently.
  3. The main village will have Versus Battle. These battles are prominent in the base of builders without the loss of god but only trophies. One who bears the most damage and can survive until last is going to be able to win the race. These are already interesting and the developer should focus on adding more battles like this in the main village also.
  4. It is heard that there can be many more siege machines, goblin map along with the fourth hero of the game. It is also heard from the sources that the clash of clans update can provide the players with the builder hall 9. If this information is true this is going to surely go to raise the level of players and the interest of players to the next level which is good for both developers and the players and the players are really looking forward to it.
  5. There seems no chance of the updating or arriving of the town hall 13 historically or in chronological order it has been observed that the town hall gets updated every three years and since the previous hall was updated in 2018 in the June update so it has been calculated that there is a rare chance of town hall update.
  6. It was also in news that a supercell employee shared amazing and impressive information with the reporters that the developers can merge the builder base and the main village or create a new one instead. If they get combined the players can use it for clan leagues and if not merged or the developer created a new one the players are going to have a chance to show their skills and there is going to also be a variety of bases with differ payoffs and gameplay which is going to increase their skis separately and players also have a chance to diversify the game and be skied in one type of gameplay. The payers can also choose to be versatile.
  7. Players in this update are also expecting to find a new version of the builder base which is builder base 9 with many new troops and some kinds of spells.
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