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Download Color Bump 3D Game 1.1.9 APK For Android from the link provided below. Users and gamers all across play any kind of games ranging from high graphics and performance games to small size arcade games which are a great source of time pass and recreation source to us.

We often come across many arcade games in Google play store and sometimes find little very catchy, interactive and addictive game. One such game we have presented for you is the color bump 3D. We find a lot of 3D games nowadays among which color bump 3D is going to be our new favorite and a new addiction.

This game provides us with limitless fun with more than 100 levels and a new 3D gaming experience. This game is developed by Hurijaw and updated on 1st January 2019.

You can play this game on your Android phone ( Android 5.0 or more) Move ahead by swiping left or right to defend your play ball from the colored obstacles else you will get your play ball burst in pieces! The game is very interactive and the 3D effect is working really well on the game.

This game is a really a good time killer and easy to play the game. Players can play it for passing time or can also dedicate themselves to complete as many levels they can!

Color bump 3D falls under the category of arcade games which has been recently updated and fixed lagging bugs by the producers. Play as much u can and reach a higher and higher level. Now let us look at the gameplay.

Download Color Bump 3D


The game rules and simple and easy.

You are given a sphere or your play ball and you have to move it by dragging by swiping your finger holding it. The play ball is white in color and the pathway is filled with many blocks and solids of different shapes and sizes. The white colored solids do not harm your play ball but the real obstacles and life takers are the colored solids. If you touch any colored solid then your play ball will burst into pieces! If you manage to survive by your skills and reflexes defending against all the obstacles, you will get to reach the finishing line and complete the level! Move your play ball through all of the obstacles and make it to the finishing line to complete the mission.

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This game is easy to play but handling and mastering are not as easy as it seems. In the initial levels, the pathway will keep getting more difficult and complex.

The game is going to Challenge your reflexes and concentration skills in the advanced levels. There will be more and more colored obstacles and you will need to move as quickly as possible to deal safely with it.

There are also a few tactics which u can adapt to play better and last for a longer time in the game. Every time going through the risk is not an option, sometimes you need to analyze the complexity and break through the trap to perform and play better.

Understand and break the pattern:
The obstacles will get bigger in size and will also become mechanically active and move along a pattern, they will be opening and closing, rotating, spreading it’s subparts and will present its position in such a way that there will be Hardly a way out of it. You need to grasp the pattern in the little time provided and beat the movement of the obstacle!

Try making the white parts as your defense shield:
After moving ahead in the levels, you will face some situations where the obstacles will be placed in such a position that it will not be easy to go through it directly, in this case, you can get yourself a shield of the white parts and move ahead beating the colored obstacles with the white solid shield you have made and throw away the obstacle and make your way clear. To make the shied, you need to balance the white solid on your play ball in such a way that it doesn’t fall down and hit the colored obstacle with your shield. But be aware! It can also fall back on yours if you make a mistake in balancing the shield.

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Control speed with intelligence:
This gameplay is programmed in such a way that there is not a single way to escape every situation, sometimes rushing in is the task required and sometimes you need a play by holding on and letting the safest moment to come and quickly get away with it!
You can also hit the obstacle with force to throw it away and make your way clear. You can also play this game on casting screen with PC!

Download Color Bump 3D Game 1.1.9 APK – Latest Update 2019

Game Name: Color Bump 3D
File Size:41M
Current Version:1.1.9
Updated On:April 17, 2019
Requires Android:5.0 and up

Download Color Bump 3D APK Here

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