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Download Command & Conquer: Rivals Game APK for Android from the link provided below. Command & Conquer: Rivals is an online multiplayer real-time strategy mobile game which was developed by EA Redwood Studios and published by Electronic Art. The game was designed by Greg Black which is one of the best designers. The game will be available for free to play the game and will be available for two most popular platforms Android and iOS.

Command & Conquer series is one of the popular game worldwide and loved by every gamer. The game which has got popularity within a few hours is currently available in Beta mode. Due to the beta mode, people might have to face some technical issues. The game will be soon available on the PlayStore and Apple store for free. To enjoy this game early you need to pre-register and you can find the link below for the same.

This is a real-time strategy one versus one online multiplayer game. The game needs your strategic skills to lead your army towards victory. The strategies include how to dominate player opponent team your enemy with global defense initiative, commanders and Brotherhood of Nod.

The player will get three options like GDI, Rivals, and brotherhood of Nod. Each option will offer different and unique abilities. Each player will be assigned a task to control the surrounding platform missile silo. If the player will be able to control the platform for a specific time then the missile will launch and destroy the opponent’s base.

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Download Command & Conquer: Rivals Game

In this you will get an option to customize your army as per your preference, you can provide a unique commander to your army, special units and powerful vehicles. Players need to fight one on one with a strategy to win the battle over the opponent.

The new Command & Conquer: Rivals will need two things to win this real-time strategy game first is to dominate rivals on the battlefield and second take control of your Army. In this game, players skills behind and their strategic mind that how to defeat their opponent’s team will decide who will win.

Each character has their specific abilities like commander which will lead your forces and hold the power that can influence your approach and change the view of the battle. You can create a winning battle with the combinations of tanks, high-tech behemoths, and aircraft. You can customize your army with commander’s fantastic and unique abilities.

The second was to dominate your rivals on the battlefield with another player on the map. In the real-time session, you need to fight for the global defense initiative or brotherhood Nod. While playing and fighting the game at the same time you need to pick up supplies and boost your energy and army.

You will get a task on a daily basis and that need to be completed. Once you complete the task you will be rewarded with weapons, abilities and even you can improve your commander’s abilities.

Download Command & Conquer: Rivals APK Update 2019

Application Name: Command & Conquer: Rivals
File Size: 89.69 MB
Updated On: September 29, 2019
Current Version: 1.8.1
Requires Android: Android 5.0 and up
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