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Download Dragalia Lost Game 1.0.6 APK for Android | Latest Version 2018 from the link provided below. The new mobile is game is in the bucket list of Nintendo, this summer Nintendo will be launching a new game Dragalia Lost.

This game will be released for most popular platforms iOS and Android devices in the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Japan. Dragalia Lost game is an action role play game which was developed by Nintendo with the help of Japanese Mobile game developer Cygames. These two has collaborated to develop one of the best game which will be loved by gamers and provide such an experience which was never experienced before.

Download Dragalia Lost Game

Like Nintendo, Cygames is also a popular mobile game developer which has developed many popular games and is one of the most successful studios in Japan. There are chances you have not heard about Cygames earlier but it is very popular in its home country.

Cygames has developed many popular games which were hit in Japan like Granblue Fantasy, this was the game which came into the notice this year which showed an anime series. Dragalia Lost will be a target for Japanese and Asian users. This game can become a global hit all this will depend upon Nintendo.

This is a swipe-based game where players will be tasked to kill the enemies with their superpower and special skills. This is a story based game where you will be assigned with tasks where you will get many enemies like warriors, dragons, crystals, and some magical creatures. The game will heavily give importance to the characters of the game. This will be free to play a game where you will get virtual currencies when you complete the task. Here you just not need to fight with the enemies, you also need to develop a holy citadel to train a dragon.

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Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing game where characters need to attack enemies in the simple or magical way. You will be getting some touchscreen control to play this game. There are two ways to attack your enemies first is to use magic tricks on your enemies and make them weaker and be stronger than others.

The second way is a special attack where you transform into a dragon and damage the enemies to a high extent. At the point, they have sufficient energy which can be gained while playing the game and can destroy the dragon. Different characters have different character properties like a different style of attacking and healing process.

Dragalia Lost Game APK for Android

Game Name:Dragalia Lost
Version Name:1.0.6
File Size:88.69 MB
Updated On:16-October-2018

Download Dragalia Lost APK Here

Dragalia Lost is a single player and also support a limited multiplayer game which supports up to four players. This free to play the game will be available in PlayStore and Apple store respectively.

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