Durango: Wild Lands

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Download Durango: Wild Lands 4.2.1+1906041644 APK for Android from the link provided below. Durango: Wild Lands are a role-playing game which is offered by NEXON Company, which is from Korea. These new games which let you explore the land of wilderness with super graphics quality that will make you experience you’re playing in the real world.

Durango Wild Lands is a game in which players are going to experience space-time distortion from the earth and will be taken the new puzzling world of Island of Durango. The land is full of mysterious things which will make your head blow. Players will face some difficulties to survive in this land at the same time they will be fighting with monsters and dinosaurs. Don’t think it’s ended here, fighting with the dinosaurs is not just the ending it’s a beginning.

The game is fully loaded with everything which will make the players stick to this game. The game comes with lots of things like exploring the land, gathering things required for the survival, hunting animals, stealing in this mysterious land, building, trading, cooperate and competing with dangerous creatures and dinosaurs in the land. Pioneers of this Wildland Durango live their lives on their own terms and condition. Once you start playing the game you will be able to find your destiny in this exploring land in your own way. Step forward and start your new journey in Durango.

Durango: Wild Lands

The gameplay of Durango: Wild Lands:

Durango: Wild Lands is a role-playing game in which players will be playing the role of a common man who has a dream of seeing the dinosaurs in life for once. While on the journey in the train, your train is attacked by dinosaurs and later when you woke up you find yourself in a mysterious place” the forest” and this place is known as Durango. Seeing the place for the first you got scared seeing dinosaurs which are attacking you and to survive you need to attack back on them.

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Survival from dinosaurs is not the only thing you’re going to experience in this game. You need to find things which are useful for your survival like woods, stone, and fruit, vegetable and many more things which are needed for survival. At the same time, you need to build buildings which will be traded, cooperate and compete for points.

You will be given some tasks on a daily basis and weekly basis that you need to complete once you complete these tasks you will be rewarded with points which can be used to improve your performance and buy some weapons and powers which is useful for survival.

• Survive: The game is limitless and you can achieve many things, at the beginning you might experience some difficulties but it won’t last for long. Once you start discovering the land roughly you will find your first weapon hewn stone blade which not only a strong but a weapon too for the survival.
• Settle: In this, you need to hunt for buildings as it’s first to come first serve in Durango’s real estate service. To claim the building belongs to you need to be very fast and search the buildings and claim it belongs to you and score the points.
• Explore: In this, you will be running in a mysterious place to find your resources, some essential items but you need to be very careful as you will be encountered with many dangerous creatures living in this land
• Unite: Here you have roamed around the endless land, deserts, jungles and many other great discoveries that you have done while exploring, but one of the major discovery is solace that you have found in each other.

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Download Durango: Wild Lands APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name: Durango: Wild Lands
Current Version: 4.2.1+1906041644
File Size: 91.31 MB
Uploaded on: June 09, 2019
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Download Durango: Wild Lands APK Here

Features of Durango: Wild Lands

The game comes with several features which enhance your gaming experience.
• The graphics and the sound quality are beyond an expectation which makes you feel like playing in the real world of Durango.
• It’s an online multiplayer game which can be played with your friends as a force which will enhance the gaming experience.
• It will award the player with achievements once you complete the goals and skill-based challenges.

How to take permission:

• To install this app you need to check first you have android version 6.0 or above.
• Now you need to withdraw permission, click on the settings and look for apps. In this look for select permissions and then permission list and the last Accept/ revoke.

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