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Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia 0.278.50903 APK for Android from the link provided below. Welcome back to evolution! One of the most hit and popular sci-fi game, evolution is back on the Android platform. And this time it takes us to the universe of Uthopia. Evolution is the thrilling and famous action shooter game about the story of Utopia which a place for millionaires was once but now just a hell! It was captured and dominated by the evil personalities like bandits, ruthless monsters etc.  so, the most awaited and Fireful game has got its sequel ready for its players! the plot of the story continues in a logical way and his gameplay is also given a new form.

The developers have combined the different form of shooting and action into one and have made the gameplay more thrilling and exciting thing about evolution 2. it takes on from the top down shooting action with strategy making with third-party perspective giving the game amazing gameplay.

The game is based on the storyline of the universe of Utopia which is a hot and iconic one among the shoot down game players.  And the continuation of the amazing plotline is going to bring us a really spectacular as well as thrilling experience of Evolution 2, its sequel! one great part of the game is that it is been made available on Android platform covering most of the gamers along with awesome graphics which are executed at maximum.

#Gameplay and Storyline: 

The location of the game is planet Utopia. This planet was once the resort of millionaires and billionaires. But this beautiful location was then captured by evil powers like monsters, bandits, ruthless marauders and battle robots. They destroyed the peace of this brilliant galactic resort. This incident has now sparked a war between both the forces now. The war has begun against the evil powers who have captured Uthopia and turned it into hell. So, the never-ending combat is waiting for us to be given a boost start.

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We play the role of captain Blake, the main character. We have to get back the peace back to Uthopia.  But it is not that easy, sometimes to bring peace you need to destroy the evil! we have to take part in the war which has been waged here. We have to fight against the evil powers who want to overpower Uthopia. We are equipped with powerful weapons to blow up the enemies.

The secret behind the bravery of captain Blake is the result of a dangerous experiment which made him equipped of strongest powers and so he is now ready to fight against the evil which is dominating the planet of Utopia. So, the fight of captain Blake is fixed at our command! we need to destroy the battle robots and take down on the evil powers of the ruthless monsters which are ruling over the galactic resort.

Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia
Current Version:0.278.50903
File Size:40M
Updated On:March 20, 2019
Requires Android:4.4 and up

Download Evolution 2 APK File Here

Features of Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia 

The excellent and unique blend of different genres: the developers of this game has done an amazing and excellent fusion of top-down shooting game with a strategy making. The perfect balance of these categories into one makes the experience of playing more vast and thrilling about Evolution 2. The combat system of this game is made out of this perfect fusion of different genres which gives us the experience of shooting, strategy making in a single game in each and every battle of this game.

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Graphics and setup: the game is arranged in the environment of a space post-apocalyptic action on a distant planet where things are unlike our planet. The different feel of the battle environment with the combination of the amazing graphics and effects brings out an extremely thrilling combination for the players of Evolution 2: the battle for Utopia.

Tactical gameplay and customization: The next good part of the game is its customization which makes the gameplay genuine. We can upgrade our character as well as their companion. There are the options to select our desired gun for this war. We can upgrade our base and keep unlocking new weapons and upgrading them for making our army as perfect as we can. there are many missions and bonus rounds which help us in winning extra points.

Online battles: We can also take this gameplay to its next level by giving it online connection. we can battle in multiplayer online mode. Also, we can win the top positions in the rating. it will make us receive a unique bonus for our us.

So, this was one of the most awaited and unique sci-fi action games. the best part of evolution 2 is its unique combination of different genres which gives its players an amazing blend and a perfect fusion of gameplay. For more information and updates stay connected to www.thinkgsm.com!


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