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Facebook for Android

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the World. It was launched on 4th February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends from Harvard College Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, and Dustin Moskovitz. While he was studying at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg started working on his hobby project with some financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Mark Zuckerberg introduced to the new era of social networks at his very early age. He was just only 19 years old when he launched www.facebook.com.

Today, Facebook APK has more than 2.27 billion monthly active users from Worldwide, and according to the stats from the previous year, 10% of users are increasing year over year. These users have lots of kinds of stuff to do while using Facebook, they can upload photos, videos, have a group discussion, video calls, normal calls, and even users can play games on their individual profiles or can add their friends who have a similar interest in playing the game. The user can add friends who they know in real life or can add those who have similar interests and want to know more about them from all over the World.

Facebook APK download

Every second, five new profiles are being created from all over the world. So we can think about how Facebook is growing at a very good speed. Being a no.1 social networking site, there are pros and cons as nothing is perfect. Facebook has almost 83 million fake profiles, being fake there is much reason too for having it like research and testing or those who want to have friends from more than one account.

Nowadays people are joining Facebook for business purposes as well they are adding their business or corporate pages to the Facebook network to spread it all over the world. This is a kind of major platform now to advertise to grow your market. Everyone who is into business in making a particular profile or page from where we can even get the information about the particular business.

Users are nowadays even earning through Facebook, they have created pages or profiles where they have added stuff with all information and images, which is the number no.1 social networking site it is very easy to spread over billions of users. Not only new stuff is being sold there are pages for every country and city where you can sell items that have been used once and can be used by others who wanted to buy. This is very good like helping others as well who wanted to buy secondhand items. This very secures no fraud as you’ll be directly contacting the seller. With the help of Facebook normal people are able to do business while being at home.

Every huge restaurant, hotels have their pages on Facebook with images even people can come online check-in and share their views on their visit, the positive feedbacks are definitely helping them for good business in the future as well. In every perspective, Facebook is like a blessing.

Who is Joining Facebook?

Facebook is joined by people from all over the world, who wanted to get connected with their old school friends or colleagues. This is the best platform where you can find and get in touch with your old friends. Not only for friends but for business purposes as well people are joining Facebook. The rest are joining to upload their pictures and videos and show it to their family and friends. Per day approx. 300 million photos are being uploaded where every sixty seconds on Facebook there are almost 136,000 photos are uploaded, 510,000 comments are posted, and 293,000 statuses are updated. This shows how people are engaged to Facebook, an active user who comes daily to Facebook spent 20 minutes per visit to Facebook from mobile or web it doesn’t matter.

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Facebook APK

Facebook is the network that is growing since it has launched without any interruption, many other social networking sites come and go but Facebook is still growing. It has 2.67 billion monthly active users with 1.74 billion daily mobile active users and is having a 21% year over year increase in daily active users. This is really a huge number which is showing the incredible grown of Facebook. Almost every person is having a smartphone and they have Facebook App installed on their smartphone. Facebook has become a boom, too big to ignore.

Why People Are Using Facebook?

People are joining Facebook who just wants to have their own space to upload their photos so that they can share it with their loved ones. Not sharing is the major goal the photos which are uploaded on Facebook will be saved for your life. You can see your old memories whenever you want. There are chances that you might lose your photos from your phone, but not from your Facebook account.

Another major thing for which people are using Facebook is entertainment. Nowadays Users have started their pages with funny videos, dance videos, cooking videos, and many more. People are spending hours while watching these videos which helps those to get entertained who get bored sitting alone at home.

Common Age of Facebook User

The highly coveted demographic from age 18 to 25 years is approx. 52%, while from age 25 to 34 years is approx. 29.7% of the users are the most common age demographic. Reports are to be believed 76% are females out of total 100% females and 66% males out of total 100% males. These is the stats which is based on the total no females and males over Facebook.

Features of Facebook APK: 

Facebook features are incredible which is truly engaging billions of users. People who visit Facebook can spend hours to let us get in detail about the features.

1. Friends: This is the most common thing for which people are using Facebook you can find your old friends and colleagues from whom you have lost connection. You can find old friends by typing the name of your friend whom you want to search for, with advanced options like school, place of living, and workplace you can find your old friends easily.
2. Update Status: You can easily compose your post with what’s on your mind, like with some quotes, check-in to a place, tag felling or activity, tag some event, tag your friends, add stickers, GIF, List, answer questions, and even you can have a poll. All these things are for fun which lets you engaged in Facebook.
3. Story: Now you can add pictures or videos to your story which will be seen by your friends. You can even make it public or can customize friends, who can see your story.
4. Groups: There are large numbers of groups that are available on Facebook with privacy depending upon the admin of the particular group. Some are an open group that can be joined by everyone and post by everyone, where some are a closed group where you have to click on Join group and your request will be approved by the admin and every post you will be posting to that particular group will be approved by admin then only it will be available on the particular group page.
5. Games: Facebook has done everything to make you stick to it, it has a large no of an online game in which you can play alone or invite your friends to play with you to make it more interesting.
6. Business: You can sell or buy things locally on the Facebook marketplace, best for those who want to work from home or buy things just sitting at home.
7. Share: You can share your photos, videos, favorite memories, or some important post that will be useful for others as well.
8. Events: You can find some local events to visit with your friends and family members or you can even plan to meet up with your friends.
9. Backup: You can save your photos and videos on your album which will stay with you forever.
10. Follow: You can follow your favorite artists, websites, and companies by this you will be getting their latest news on your walls.
11. Notification: Get notified whenever your friend likes a comment on your wall. Even you will be notified when your friend uploads a new post or have their birthday. Facebook will remind you, your friend’s birthday.
12. Live videos: You can go live, and share your life moments with your friends just on the go.
13. Calls: You can make normal calls or video calls to your friends which will make you feel like you’re not away from them. You can even create personalized groups where you can talk with many friends at a time.
14. Privacy: Facebook is always concerned about the privacy of millions of users who are using Facebook, therefore it comes with vast privacy options that you can select and secure your account from getting hacked.

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Download Facebook APK | Latest Version 2021

Application Name: Facebook
Current Version: 302.
File Size: 48.29 MB
Uploaded on: January 06, 2021
Requires Android: Android 8.0

Click here to download the APK file

Talking about Facebook APK it included a bunch of them to customize their profile with personal data like education, work profile, hobbies, and many more. Facebook has lots of things to do apart from just being connected to your friends you can share your photos directly from your Android phone just on the go. Apart from this, you can stay connected to the latest news and current events from all around the world. Your profile in the Facebook language is called your wall where you share messages, photos, links, videos, and many more with your friends. These are the basic feature that you can generally find on almost all social networking sites.

Facebook almost includes pages for every sport, TV shows, bands, movies, artists, popular actors, and many more by which liking on the pages you will be notified of their latest updates. Another important element is Facebook applications that can be added to your profile to play the quiz, send a postcard, exchange gifts, and many more.

In short, we can say Facebook APK is classic in representing the type of social networking site with all functionality and features you want to have to keep in touch with your friends and family members.

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