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Download Facebook Lite APK for Android latest version 2021 from the link provided below.

Facebook Lite For Android

Facebook is a name that needs no recognition. It is an American social company, used for both media and networking equally situated in California’s Menlo Park. It is the world’s most used social networking site used for connecting people worldwide.

It is developed by Mark Zuckerberg, with the cooperation of Harvard college students. It does not matter where you live or from where you access it Facebook has widespread accessibility everywhere in the world and you can access it anywhere anytime.

Facebook app has two variants available in wide usage. One is the normal and heavy featured app called ‘Facebook’ and the other one is the Facebook lite used for less heavy rated devices. We are going to know more about Facebook lite down the lane.

What is Facebook lite?

Facebook Lite is an android app that is developed for low-speed phones. One with less processor and fewer specs. This app is mainly designed to overcome the problem of hanging and lagging which is one of the biggest reasons people do not use the heavy Facebook app as it makes their device slower as well as harder to use.

Facebook Lite

What is the difference between Facebook and Facebook lite app?

There is a lot of difference one can easily point when using both the app.

There is so much difference as in sky and ground to count, but there are few most important ones we are going to point so that it becomes easier for the users to choose what is better for them. Though, it is clear from the above data and information that the Facebook lite app uses very less amount of data and storage.

1. Download space: The main app of Facebook uses about 40 MB of data to get download whereas the lite app uses only 2 MB. That is a huge amount of difference.

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2. RAM needs: the normal app uses about 200 MB to 300 MB of RAM which is why the phone becomes sower on the usage of the normal app. But the lite app is very useful for the users facing this problem. The Facebook lite app uses only about 50 MB to 150 MB depending upon the device.

3. The smart user interface: though the main app has a very smooth interface and high quality of pictures and text and everything is like high definition but the Facebook lite app is not that great in the case of interface and image quality. This is the reason it does not use that much data. It does not mean it is not good to use…it is only about choices.

4. Chat interface: the chat process is not available directly on the Facebook app. This is one of the disadvantages of this as in this process user has to download another app called messenger separately which results in extra usage of data, storage, and RAM. The Facebook lite app, in this case, is very beneficial. One does not have to download a separate app and the chat is available within the lite app only.

5. Multimedia: the standard app does have a great multimedia functionality and glamorous interface. But the lite app does not offer that and also it has a feature that does not load media play automatically but it only loads the media when the user chooses to. Hence there are many ways by which it is clear why the lite app uses fewer amounts of data.

6. Cost for download: both the apps are available free of cost to the uses and can be downloaded easily from the Google play store.

7. Speed within the app: though the Facebook standard version uses more data and seems very great to use, it uses much time to get load and the speed within the app is much less. The Facebook lite app is much faster and efficient with the department of speed. This makes it useless data and hence makes it faster due to less interference of media and posts.

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8. Alerts and notifications: the Facebook standard app uses notifications and alerts attentively but the Facebook lite app uses fewer notifications and alerts.

These are some of the main differences which covered the features of the lite app equally. However the lite app is a cut-down or very basic version of the standard app, but also it covers all the possible features and functions which are a basic function of Facebook. This is one of the apps which can work on the 2G networks and low specs phone.

This smart technology is also helping people with low internet access to connect and get invited to the worldwide game. This is also helping people to get aware of smart technology. It is available on all the devices with android gingerbread and more. I hope this helps and there are a big thumbs up for the app functionality and interface.

Download Facebook Lite APK Version

Application Name: Facebook Lite
Current Version:
File Size: 3.16 MB
Uploaded on: December 09, 2020
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Click here to download the APK file

Features of the Application:

  • It installs fast.
  • Works on very old Android devices.
  • Data consumption is low.
  • When a friend comments or likes in the post instantly get a notification on your device.
  • Now can follow people for the latest feeds.
  • Easily can save the photo by adding them to an album.
  • Interact with local nearby friends, and can search them by nearby feature.
  • Lots of new emojis for fun and sharing emotions with your friends.

The above APK file for Facebook lite is directly extracted from the play store and uploaded here without any modification.

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