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Download FRAG Pro Shooter APK latest version 2020 from the link provided below.

FRAG Pro Shooter For Android

Oh BiBi is one of a popular game developing company from a beautiful city in the world “Paris”. This company is focused on providing one of the best gaming experiences with compressed and high-quality graphic games. Oh BiBi has Hey developed many popular games in many genres like 

 SUP Multiplayer Racing, Motor World – Car Factory, Motor World – Bike Factory, Dino Factory, And many more. Oh BiBi Is now all set to do release a new game FRAG Pro shooter which will fall under the action game genre. This is going to be one of the best action games of the year 2020. To experience the new action game by Oh BiBi download FRAG Pro Shooter APK from the link provided below.

FRAG Pro Shooter details

FRAG Pro Shooter is an action game that will allow the players to play 1 player versus 1 player online duels from all over the world. The game is developed for the two most popular mobile platforms Android and iOS with amazing first-person shooter game design. 

Being an online game player can participate from all over the world and take part in a 1v1 player shooting game where they can control their heroes like the way they want to. FRAG Pro Shooter comes with all-new characters and maps which will make this game popular amongst gamers. So, if you want to experience this new shooter game you can download Frag Pro Shooter APK on your smartphone.

How to Play FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter game is a first-person shooter game which is available for smartphone. The game can be played with help of a joystick which is at the left side of the screen while the action buttons are at the left. Once you start playing the game and your heroes find a target, they will automatically fix the target and shoots. To control your game players, need to focus on action buttons. 

Download FRAG Pro Shooter

Every hero in the game has its features and weapons which will help to win the game. So, while building the team players need to be precise while choosing heroes for your team. While playing the game players will be able to experience shields, long-range crossbows, regeneration abilities, and much more.

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FRAG Pro Shooter main Features 

FRAG Pro Shooter is an action game that you can play on 1v1 player online duels which choice of your heroes from the available options. FRAG Pro Shooter comes with various types of heroes that you can control as per your needs.

  • FRAG Pro Shooter comes with high definition graphics and sound quality.
  • Online games, where 20 million players from worldwide can join, and make new friends for a short while in this shooting battle.
  • Build your team with more than 70 characters and make your powerful shooting team. While choosing the team players you need to make sure they have gaming skills like attack, defense, and many more which will help you win the battle against your enemies. 
  • The player will be able to customize their characters with powers and skills.
  • While playing the game players will be able to upgrade their characters with mind-blowing features.
  • Control your characters which will help to win the battle.
  • The player can switch between 5 characters in one game which will help to win the game. While playing the game if you’re dead you can instantly choose other characters to regain your life and continue your shooting game. 
  • New Co-op mode where you can cooperate with other players to defeat or kill your enemies.

Download FRAG Pro Shooter APK – Latest Version 2020

Application Name: Frag Pro Shooter
Current Version: 1.7.0
File Size: 100 MB
Uploaded on: October 11, 2020
Requires Android: Android 4.0 and up

Click here to download APK File

How to Download FRAG Pro Shooter

To experience the new, FRAG Pro Shooter on your smartphone, you need to download it on your smartphone. Just click on the link provided below and once you click on the link it will be downloaded on your smartphone.

The next step is you need to make a few changes in your smartphone settings. Click on the phone settings and find unknown sources. Just tick mark “yes” this option. Now click on downloads and click on the downloaded file.

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