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Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Game 1.1.6 APK for Android from the link provided below. This game takes you too far future. Humanity is touching heights and human colonization is spreading far wide. We have started establishing human colonies into space. But everyone is not happy with this progress! Humans have been facing alien invasions one after the other! The aliens are on their mission destroying human colonies, Where you will be taking part in a special force of task. And you got what is your mission, right? You have to protect the human colonies from aliens and fight with the Invaders and destroy all of them within range of danger and knock them down who comes close enough. Ultimately, you have to help and protect our territory to get established and ensure a safe future for humans!

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is an arcade shooting game with a modernized mechanics to shoot them all. This game is an extended version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and this one have got enhanced graphics, and many features which make the war between the stars more thrilling and impacting.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter


This is the future where Human development has reached heights. Colonization has reached far off into space! But suddenly an alien army starts attacking your territory. They are trying to destroy and remove humans from the space. You are a part of a task force, and your job is to destroy the alien ships and prevent them from reaching your territory.

Players need to take control over a spaceship and shoot the enemies aliens. Your spaceship is well functioned and designed to shoot down the enemies. The enemies also are powered up with fighting ships. The game is played on a classic arcade platform. You have to remain in your area and the enemies are approaching the human colonies. You take the border with your spaceship you have to shoot at the alien ships.

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The enemies will also shoot at you, defend against them, use your quick reflexes and destroy all the enemy invaders. As you will prosper in the missions you will keep improving your fighter ship on getting attachments, along with you, your enemies will also keep getting bigger and better. Defend your territory and defeat your enemies and ultimately take over the enemy Boss and save humans and their future!

Game Features:

Great graphics and excellent fight scenario:
The game is well featured with high graphics and provides awesome fight experience. The game is played on a classic arcade platform yet, with your headphones plugged in, you are going to get thrilled! Fight and protect the human future. Destroy all the alien ships before they reach your territory, it requires a lot of good reflexes to shoot them all as it keeps getting harder and dangerous! As the enemies will approach and penetrate through your territory, you will keep getting damages and ultimately, you will lose your control and get destroyed by the aliens. So keep your eye still and your reflexes oiled, to shoot them all down!

A broad range of enemies and ship evolvement:
As you will proceed further in the game you will keep getting more n more different kind of enemies including their big boss. In this arcade shooting game, you will get various missions, after completing each mission you will unlock new attachments of your spaceship to make it more powerful and capable of dealing with the different enemies! But that’s not it! as you will complete more and more missions, you will face more powerful and evolved enemies. The alien ships also keep getting parallel to you at each progress in missions.

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Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

Throughout your task, you will face enemies from low common soldiers to the high elite majors including the powerful and humongous Boss! But don’t worry, you and your spaceship will keep getting better and you will be equipped with different powers each time to handle all these types of Invaders. Just put your everything to shoot of them down before they reach your territory and save the future of humanity!

Different Modes:
By default, you will play the campaign mode in the game which is built on the storyline and you have to complete missions. But once you complete the mission 6, you will unlock the endless mode. In this mode you can play and fight to an infinite extent, the game will continue until you get defeated.

This mode will test your survival skills and will also help you to improve them. You will keep getting improvements and attachment to your spaceship and the enemies will keep getting more powerful as the endless mode continues.

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Game APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter
File Size:46 MB
Current Version:1.1.6
Uploaded On:January 29, 2019
Requires Android:4.1 and up

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Game APK File Here

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