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Download Game for Peace 1.1.16 APK for Android from the link provided below. Tencent one of the largest game publishers has released new game “Game for Peace” has recently released in China which is an alternative game to PUBG. Tencent has switched one of the popular games Players Unknown Battleground to Game for Peace due to government policy changes where you won’t see defeated player dying, it will just wave their hands to say goodbye.

The new game is not war orient towards peace, the game has come up with several new changes and these changes are not violent. In many countries, PUBG was banned due to its violence and the game name shows it all the peace.

Game for Peace has similar gameplay which players have experienced with PUBG, the only difference that players will be experiencing a peaceful environment. The game is giving a tribute to Chinese Air force as it will be featuring the Chinese Air Force apart from unknown players. Here the soldiers will be fighting with terrorist to save the country. There would be no blood no cadaver ideally you will see the enemies when they got shot by soldiers they will smile at you with peace with waving hands.

The game just after the release has got in the news so much because of the changes and of course the popular gameplay this is a deadly combination and is spreading like fire over the internet.

Download Game for Peace


The new game comes with similar gameplay, the game will be starting with 100 players from all over the world. The player will be starting their journey from aircraft and will be looking for a safe place to land where there would be no terrorist but several items to be collected which will help the player to win the game.

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Here you will be playing the role of a soldier dressed as a Chinese Air force team and diving to the land to kill the terrorist. Once the player finds a safe place to land they will come down using a parachute and start roaming in search of a terrorist. The game is not limited to searching and killing terrorist but you need to collect weapons, food, medical, health, and many more items which will be dropped from time to time. All these things will enhance your power which will help to fight with a terrorist.

Players need to be very careful the game is not limited to fighting or collecting you need to be very careful with the land boundary which will be reduced as the time decreases. You need to stay inside the boundary else you will be killed.

You can play this game as a single player or in a team which will enhance your gaming experience at the same time while playing you can talk with your friends which are a really good thing as you can easily communicate and plan your strategies to win the battle. The last player of the team who is alive at the land will be the winner of the game.


• New peaceful gaming environment, there will be no blood and a dead body, once the terrorist is dead it will smile at the wave and vanish.
• New and unique playability features.
• Different skin and weapons here there will be no unknown battleground, it will feature a Chinese Air force soldiers and terrorists.
• Easy user interface for play on the go.
• Daily quest and special event reward points.

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Download Game for Peace 1.1.16 APK – Latest Version 2019

Application Name:Game for Peace
Current Version:1.1.16
File Size:1938.71 MB
Uploaded on:May 10, 2019
Requires Android:4.3 and up

Click Here to Download APK File

How to Download Game for Peace & Install:

• Click on the provided link to download Game for Peace on your smartphone.
• Once you click on the link, the file starts downloading automatically.
• Now click on settings > security > unknown sources, just tick mark ok.
• Now move to download file folder click on the file, it will ask two options to Install or cancel. Just click on Install and will be available on your device.
• Now click on Game of Peace and its ready to be played.

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