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Download Garena Contra Returns Game APK For Android from the link provided below. Today’s mobile gaming has been making huge progress day by day and it has to gain platforms rapidly. Most of the popular mobile games use the FPS mode some use 3D and then there comes the classic side-scrolling category which provides us a 2D battlefield. So, Konami and Tencent Timi Studio group has introduced contra returns! Garena Contra has now been released in the classic category which had been awaited since long.

As all the gamers know, Contra has been a legendary classic game which marked the beginning point of many gamers across the world. The producers of this game have tried to bring back the legendary game to the modern mobile gaming which is going to impress and excite the gamers World Wide.

Description / Gameplay

This game is a 2-D side-scrolling action game. The player has to play the role of a commando and jump into intense fighting and Adventure area and kill enemy rangers and keep moving ahead.

There are many different ‘Stages’ where our commando has to jump and make Adventure through it. We need to control and move ahead and keep shooting down each enemy that comes and travel till the destination of the stage. At the end of each stage, players will have to conquer a ‘Boss’ which will have special powers and it will not be easy to kill. If we manage to survive and kill the Boss, then players will get a victory or succeed in that stage. There are many different stages with a different boss whom we need to kill and keep continuing the game and it’s an adventure.

Garena Contra Returns

Our mission is to save the world from the aliens. As aliens have invaded on our planet and have been spreading all around, our legendary warriors Bill and Lance are on the mission to destroy the aliens and stop their empire from being established on our planet. Join Bill and Lance in this mission and take up the fight with many different weapons and your skills which will take you to the end to defeat the final boss behind this envision.

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The game has been added on with extra thrilling features in the game which gives us a fantastic gaming experience. Take your favorite avatar and hero and jump into the battlefield. More and more features have been updated in the game which makes us unleash the warrior within us.

The game provides us with high-quality sound and high definition graphics along with great animations which provide users with incredible gaming and fighting experience! We need to select and keep updating our fighting character unlocking various avatars. Each mission takes us to a fighting scenario where we have to keep moving and defending against the enemy rangers and knocking them down, finally, in the end, we have to take the last fight with the beast/boss of the stage and kill him to proceed to the next stage or further missions.

The game provides a variety of features to the player. We can play with hundreds of different weapons and select among a variety of avatars. In addition to this, there are many different combinations to perform during the game. With further progress being made in the game we keep on getting more n more reward points which helps us to unlock weapons and many in-game combinations and avatars for our player, along with combinations we can also unlock various special skills to perform in the battlefield.

Garena Contra Returns

We also play along with our friend in the duo mode to encounter the enemies and save the world together. There is a real quick matchmaking system of 3 seconds which provides us a team vs team match and battle experience The game has taken the arcade game to the next level which has enhanced our gaming experience! The graphics and sound qualities are of high definition and the game has excellent animation effects too.

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How to play :

One best part of this game is that it has maintained the traditional display and gameplay of contra, i.e. the arcade 2D classic mode. We need to advance in the game by swiping and screen scrolling. Our player move or advances in the stage by moving ahead in the right direction by screen scrolling. There are shooting buttons available to knock down the enemy rangers.

There are also many screen controls which help us to perform various combinations and use items. The game controls are very interactive and easy for the player to perform skills and movement.

What’s more:

The game has improved all over gameplay besides maintaining the traditional arcade and classic look. There are many new features like combinations, special powers, and effects available. We can add our friend as our companion on the battlefield. There are many other team modes available, for example, a team vs. team in 1 on 1 and 3 on 3 modes with 3-sec quick matchmaking system.

Garena Contra Returns

The game also provides multiple gaming modes like One life mode, Boss challenge and underwater 8 which gives extra platforms to the players to fight and experience incredible game experience.

Download Garena Contra Returns Game – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Garena Contra Returns
Current Version:
File Size:34 MB
Uploaded On:January 27, 2019
Requires Android:
4.0.3 and up

Download Garena Contra Returns APK File Here

So, Garena Contra Returns has bought back a legendary game back in play which will be liked and admired most by arcade players and contra fans. More information will keep updating on www.thinkgsm.com so stay in touch!


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