Download GB Whatsapp Latest APK Version 6.40 For Android

Download GB Whatsapp 

Download GB Whatsapp Latest APK Version 6.40 For Android

Now a day smartphone is a simple gadget used by everyone in their day to day life for many reasons. Day by day use of a smartphone is increasing tremendously and accordingly, the smartphone technology is changing and coming up with marvelous features. In today’s generation smartphones and mobile apps are commonly used by everyone.

There are plenty of apps available on everyone’s smartphone and WhatsApp is one of the most common apps. Whatsapp is one of the popular application used by every smartphone user, once a person buys a smartphone, Whatsapp will be the first application they are going to install. Whatsapp is one of the apps which is used by 1 billion people from all over the globe.

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Whatsapp is so much popular in all age groups not only in youngster but in old people are using WhatsApp and enjoying it. Whatsapp can be used free of cost, it features messages, calls not only audio calls but video call as well. The major drawback is we can use only one number on a single device for WhatsApp.

If you want to use two accounts for WhatsApp you can download GBWhatsapp on your device, with GBWhatsapp you would be able to use two numbers on a single device. There are many Whatsapp mods available over the internet, but we can say GBWhatsapp is the best of all.

GBWhatsapp is a user-friendly messaging app used by every smartphone user. This is used to send messages, calls, video calls, send documents, audio, video, live location. GBWhatsapp is used to access additional features like using two Whatsapp account on a single device. To have a playful chat WhatsApp is coming with some tricks like send messages in bold letters, send black messages and many more.

GBWhatsapp comes with many features like, hide second tick, hide status, on-screen online notification and many more which are not even available on original WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has some limitations on its feature. GBWhatsapp is packed with all the features that are restricted on original WhatsApp. You can download GBWhatsapp to enjoy WhatsApp without any limitations and make best out of it. GBWhatsapp is very popular and because of this, GBWhatsapp is been regularly updated by the developers for long-term use without any hassle.

Download GB Whatsapp Latest APK Version 6.40 For Android

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Now here we will be discussing some GBWhatsapp features and steps on how to download and use it. GBWhatsapp new update was available from the month of June known as GBWhatsapp 7.40. It comes has no issues in terms of security, it is as secure as original WhatsApp it also comes with all privacy options.

GBWhatsapp is nothing but a modified version for original WhatsApp which comes with new and additional features. GBWhatsapp has taken WhatsApp to next level with features like new themes, hiding last seen and blue tick marks. The latest GBWhatsapp 7.40 is available online at 53.2 MB file size, which is not very large. It is not available on Google Play Store. It is available for rooted or non-rooted both devices. GBWhatsapp can be installed on all Android devices supporting Android 4.0 onwards.

GBWhatsApp Apk Details
Application Name GBWhatsApp
Application Size34.46 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated06-September-18

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GBWhatsapp has always come with new and exciting features to attract people with its eye-catching features. These features make GBWhatsapp more useful and better than the official Whatsapp. It is built in such a way which makes it faster and easy to access with the less complicated interface. In its latest update, 6.55 GBWhatsapp has come with new themes and features which are not even available in official WhatsApp.

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Features for latest 6.55 GBWhatsapp
GBWhatsapp comes with additional features as compared to official WhatsApp. To enjoy all new and extra GBWhatsapp features you need to download it on your smartphone. Once you complete the installation then only you would be able to use its feature. Here we will be discussing all the new features in its latest update.
Auto Reply- It comes with improved option version, here you can set Auto Reply as per your preference. You can select the specific person you want to set an Auto Reply or select an exception you don’t want to send an Auto reply in contacts or groups. Improved Privacy- In the previous version, you would need to restart GBWhatsapp to apply privacy setting. Now you don’t need to restart to use privacy except for Hiding last seen.
Enabled Locked Voice Recordings- With this feature, you don’t need to hold the mic button along until you complete your recording. Now you just need to press and swipe to record.
Additional Group Settings- Now you can enable group setting in which only admin will be able to send messages in the group. In the group chat with the names, now admin tag will be highlighted at the top of the msg.
Inbuilt DND Feature- In GBWhatsapp new DND feature has come which is built inside, which features to stop data connection only for Whatsapp.
Hide Chats- Now you can also hide your chats in terms of privacy, no one will be able to see particular chat if you have hidden it.

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New Emoji’s- The latest GBWhatsapp version 6.55 is packed with new emoji’s.
Video Limit- In official Whatsapp there is a limit to 16 MB, with latest GBWhatsapp you can send videos up to 50MB.
Images Limit- Now you can send up to 90 images at once, while in official WhatsApp you can send up to 30 images at once.
Broadcasting- Now you can select up to 600 people for broadcasting.
Cancel Multiple Messages- In WhatsApp original, we can delete only one message that we want to delete with” delete for everyone”. With this, you can delete multiple messages.
Languages – The all-new GBWhasapp is now going to support more than 100 languages.
Hide Online Status- Once you select the option to hide status, it will show offline to everyone.
Blue Ticks Hide- You can hide blue ticks in every groups and contact. Even if you read the messages it will not turn blue.
Writing Tick Hide- While typing we can see a notification below a person’s name, now we can hide writing tick as well.
Hide Recording Status- It is same as Writing tick, we can hide recording status that we see below a person’s name. It shows that the person you’re talking with is sending you a recording.
Blue Microphone Hide- Even if you have turned blue tick off, the microphone will turn blue and show your friend that you have listened the audio. Now you can hide microphone blue tick as well.
App Lock- It comes with an inbuilt app lock to maintain privacy.

Download GB Whatsapp Latest APK Version 6.40 For Android

How to install GBWhatsApp in your Android Device.
First, those who want to download this app need to open settings in their respective smartphone and enable Unknown resources. Once you have enabled Unknown resources, the user needs to download the application file which is available online. Once you download the file, open the file you have downloaded and click on Install. Once the user has installed the app, they will be asked to enter their mobile number to verify. The verification code will be sent to the number they have entered. Once you fully verify by entering the received OTP user will be able to use GBWhatsapp latest features.

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