Google Duplex

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Many of the users must be wondering that what is this new app from Google is about? What is its significance in the modern artificial intelligence market? How will this app bring a change in the world?

Recently Google has introduced about an artificially intelligent robot sounding like humans and having a conversation with another human through this app. This app has so accurate robot speaking that people are hardly able to recognize or differentiate between the voice of the robot and human himself.

Now for information, this is not a physically working robot doing all the jobs of household and helping with different activities.

This app is a whole new and evolutionary step in the world of artificial intelligence to interact with humans and converse with them as they do with each other.

Google Duplex

What is Google Duplex exactly?

Robotics has always been an interesting field to work upon for the scientists.
Today’s era wants to excel in artificial intelligence so that they can make their life easiest than easier.

Google has reached paramount by creating this project under the artificial intelligence that it has made a robot sound exactly how a normal human being sounds. Isn’t that interesting to have a conversation with a robot without even realizing to whom we are talking? This is another level of interaction between humans and machines. It is basically the need of the time the business that every time a company wants to have a business it searches for something new and fascinating which is beyond ordinary customers imagination. Google has always been a pro at this.

From Google assistant to this app. everything Google makes is worth the time. Although these technologies make time and life short and easier respectively since they are a machine without any brain there are their own shortcomings too. It has been seen that the machine makes task simple but the user has to adjust in order to get the task done.
It is totally up to the user whether he is able to make it work out or not.

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These limitations are overcome by the new Google duplex which surprisingly adjusts according to the user and the user does not have to adjust for it to work or get its task done properly.

This helps the person to speak normally to the artificial intelligence based robot to talk normally just like the other human beings which will help the customer with the difficulty to think before speak and adjust according to the robot. This feature also uses normal phrases that the humans use while speaking like “umm”, “ohh”, etc. this makes the conversation look more natural and efficient.

How this app can make life easier?

This app will basically help you with scheduling your busy time. This app will help in time management and therefore it will save your time automatically. Using this app one must not need any assistant and can do their work on their own without messing up anymore.

This app will help you to do the following tasks :
Call on your behalf if you are a bit busy.
Schedule appointments.
Help you to reserve table
Help you to book tickets.
Talk to someone when you don’t want to.
You can tell the time and date and it will get the work done for you in case you want to book something.
Book doctor or lawyer etc.

There are some concerns about this app that is this app will enter the personal and professional life of the user and that can create a problem if he doesn’t use or handle the app with due care and responsibility. This app can also hinder the privacy and security of the person using it.

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The quick evolutions of artificial intelligence are considered a blessing and curse both for the human race.

The rumored release date of Google Duplex.

This app is said to be ready by October by mid of 2019. This app may roll out in Google pixel phones by November. Earlier it was said that the app would be available to some particular models of the pixels but now it is heard that it will be available to all the pixel phones from Google as soon as it comes out.

The app will first be introduced in New York City and then it may spread far beyond the United States. It will not take much time to this app to arrive in other neighboring countries as it has become already popular with its demo conducted in 2018 where people across the survey were shocked to see the amazing voice control the robot had. Most of them did not have an idea that they conversed with a robot and not a human being. Let us see what this app holds for the user who has high expectations from Google.

NOTE: The Google Duplex Application is under development stage and its beta version will be released soon, we will update this article with its download link as soon as developer release it.

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