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Introduction to Google:

The name of Google is so much to define. Google is a multinational company from America. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998. Almost 2 decades ago, no one would have ever imagined that this app can change the life of millions.

This impactful company has hundreds of applications that are so unique as well as so much in use nowadays. This has given users the best search engine of all times and one of the best-operating systems. This company has even managed to make the dead devices go has developed every large to small utility app possible in one’s imagination.

This company is one of the companies with the most rapid growth and popularity.
It has developed Google docs, Google photos, Google searches, Google translate and what not. One of these apps is Google maps.

What are Google Maps?

Google map is an app which is designed to provide the facility of web mapping. It allows a user to get an instant digital map just by using an android device and an internet connection. Sounds so easy and handy, yes it is true.

Google Maps

Features of Google Maps

Below are some of the features that are provided by Google maps which are so useful personally and professionally too.

1. Satellite imagery: it is one of the features which was earlier used by high-end devices but now it has been used worldwide. It is also called earth observation imagery technique. Basically, as the name suggests it is helpful in capturing images of the different places on earth from space with the use of satellite. It directly shows u the location you are going to enter and how amazing it is.

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2. Aerial photography: google maps have also got an awesome feature of aerial photography. It is also known as airborne photography. This practice involves taking photographs from a higher altitude or from airplanes or aircraft. This enables the user to get the full view of a place from so much height and see what it captures.

3. Street View Maps: this app enables users to get even the smallest details in a map. It shows basic and popular places of a city when the map is zoomed out but as u zoom in the map gets more detail. This feature is called street view as it covers not only the bigger sections of the city but also the small street details.

4. Street observation: this feature is a useful and very attractive feature of the Google maps application. This feature allows the user to get a full panoramic or 360 degrees view of a street. This means that the map is visible from all the angles and can be viewed as the way the user wants it to be.

5. Traffic alerts: Google maps also enable the user to watch the condition of traffic with the feature of real-time traffic. This tells how much traffic is going to prevail on the road and for how longer It is going to be there. This enables the user to plan their routes properly and safely.

6. Route plans: one of the best features of this app is that the app provides the route plans with more than one vehicle option. They tell the distance and the time to reach there with a two-wheeler, three-wheelers or four-wheeler. This helps the user in the car to get the time and distance according to his vehicle and the person with a bike to get it according to his convenience.

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Download Google Maps APK Update 2019

Application Name: Google Maps
Current Version: 10.28.1
File Size: 28.81 MB
Uploaded on: October 28, 2019
Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Click here to download APK File

This also helps the user to plan whether to go by car or bike as in some places a bike can do a lot faster than a car. Not only has the application also provided real-time information for people traveling by train or with air. Overall this app is a blessing.

This app allows navigating the world in a better faster and easier way to overcome all the issues like losing. This app is a self-help guide and now users do not need to ask everybody on the road to the directions and way to reach their destinations. There is a huge number of countries that are available and have access to this app.

Over 220 countries have Google maps accessed to it. This makes is so widespread to use and this has real-time navigation with GPS. This is a far great example of how far technology has come. It covers the entire problem one must be facing while traveling or just in their daily life in the field of transportation.

Users can explore more and just go to any random new place to just have fun. All thanks to Google maps, it is just a click away.

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