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Download Google News APK for Android Latest Update 2019 from the link provided below. The American multinational company that is going far been every user’s imagination is touching the sky of success.

Google has been an awesome software and application developer company throughout but also it is ensuring to complete every user’s need as they are growing .developed in 1998, primarily with a search engine, Google has now extended itself very greatly.

In a busy life schedule of most of the people across the globe, many people have to skip the essential part of getting updated. In simple words, many busy people have to skip reading newspapers. This problem is now solved by Google with the most digital way of getting updated with what is going around the corner.

Google news or Google play newsstand is a better way to keep in touch with the world without using the newspaper.

Google News

What is Google news?

Google news or Google play newsstand is an app from Google Corporation that is used for getting news digitally and in a personalized way.

Features of the Application:

1. Personalized feed: the greatest thing any app can offer is to work according to a user, exactly as he says. This app provides a feature of personalizing the app. This simply means that the app can be set accordingly to the user’s choice, based on what he likes or care about more. for example, if a person likes to have more sports news or political news he can change it accordingly and get what he wants in more quantity.

2. Variety of content: this app not only fulfills the need for a newspaper but also magazines and blogs. This can give u whatever the user needs at that particular time with a simple search button and a click.

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3. Cost-oriented: this app is not only for those who can pay. There are two categories under the app, the free one and the subscriptions one. The free also covers the information up to much extent but the premium one gives it from many reliable sources and there are many extra facilities like many newsletters subscribed and a lot more to explore.

4. Catalog: users can read post and magazines from leading catalog sources like vox, vanity fair, GQ, Vogue, the new york times, the wall street journal and many more.

5. Recommendations: if in case the user is confused about what to read or what to search. The Google facility of recommendation engine helps a lot.this is an awesome feature which recommends user based on their interest or previous searches and automatically piles up content for them from latest to breaking news.

6. Feedback for betterment: each time user explore things on newsstand there is always a chance to get something better. The recommendations and news feeds can be altered using the feedback option which can help a user better the feed for the user by making the app add or remove some topics.

7. Offline mode: the premium account has a facility of getting some blogs or posts or magazines in offline mode so that the user can read them even if the user is not equipped with the internet for some time.

8. The read it later: this option is much like offline but the post is not available in offline mode and can be accessed with internet only. So what is different? This feature helps to get the post piled up in reading later are so that if the user wants to see it again or see it later without downloading it, user can do that easily.

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9. The briefing feature: this is one of the features of Google newsstand in which the app allows the user to see hundreds of posts which are updated each second.

10. Wide variety of interest: this app deals with the interest of people very beautifully. They cover almost every topic from arts to culture, from technology to politics, from food to travel. Even if the user got to try something different, this is a good place to feed the user’s starving mind.

11. Efficient and fast: using this app can make users much updated as it very fast working and at the same time efficiently covers almost everything happening across the globe.

Download Google News APK 2019 update

Application Name: Google News
Current Version:
File Size: 11.25 MB
Uploaded on: July 12, 2019
Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Click Here to download APK File

Google play newsstand is a milestone at the beginning of the digital newspaper. This app is very useful in the process of updating. Moreover, this app is available on almost all the android phones from android version 4.4 and above. You can get news anywhere and anytime. This is very time friendly and so limitless.

There is no news you can not find on this app. This is going to be the next future of newspapers. Most of all its user interface is so easy that anyone can use it easily.

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