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Download Google Play Services latest APK 2020 from the link provided below. Google Play Services is a must on your android smartphone which makes sure all the apps on your smartphone are up-to-date.

Google Play Services For Android

It will be constantly checking the apps that you have installed on your smartphone and check the apps are with their latest versions. The Google Play Services will provide you core functions that are required while downloading Google App.

It will provide you authentication to your Google services, access all the latest user privacy settings, synchronize your contacts by which you don’t lose your contacts even if you are changing your smartphone, and most importantly high-quality location-based services.

Google play services not only just keep your devices up-to-date, besides providing these services Google Play Services will enhance your device overall experiences. It will let you search with good speed even in offline mode, provide you more accuracy with your Google Map experience, and improved gaming experience by optimizing your smartphone RAM.

Download Google Play Services APK

Experience with Google Play Service:

• An improved performance especially in the gaming experience.
• Detailed map for more accuracy.
• Offline mode search engine.

You must have Google Play Services on your Android phones if you uninstall it you Apps which you have installed on your smartphone will not work. The main purpose of the Google Play Services App is to authenticate the apps you want to download or you have already downloaded. It can access user privacy settings and locations which will help in security purposes as well. The work for Google Play Services does not just end up in authenticating, it also leads to the smooth performance of Apps that user have downloaded it from Google Play Store.

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Google Play Services is a part of Google Play which is used to update Google Apps that you have downloaded directly or Google Play Store Apps that you have installed on your smartphone. This will tell you when your apps have become outdated and let you remind you to update your installed app through notification. Google Play Services is associated with Android smartphones that make your smartphone to have the benefit of using the latest and the updated version of applications.

Google Play Services- Main Features:

• Google Play Services will authenticate your Google services.
• Synchronizes your contacts that are available are save on your Google account.
• High-quality performance of Google Apps.
• Location-based services on optimized mode.
• It allows you to access the latest privacy user settings.

How to Install:

• The very first thing you need to do is check your Android version, on which your smartphone is running on.
• To check the Android version, go to the settings and look for about the phone, and here you can look for Android Version.
• Then you will need to enable your unknown sources on your smartphone, to do this follow the simple step.
• Click on settings, look for security and the unknown sources and just click on the checkbox.
• The last thing you would need to do is look for the version of Google Play Services that will work for you.
• To know the version of your Google Play Services, you must know your android version.

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Each Google Play services version has its own three numbers suffix at the end followed by a hyphen. The three-number at the end broken like the first is the Android version, the second CPU Architecture, and the last third one Dots per inch.

Download Google Play Services APK – 2020

Application Name: Google Play Services
File Size: 39.19 MB
Updated On: December 06, 2020
Current Version: 20.47.13
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Click Here to download the APK file

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