Hopeless Land

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Download Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Game APK For Android from the link provided below. In the booming gaming industry of today, the top ranks holders are shooting action survival games. Battlefield, which supports multiple players to play online with each other to experience intense fights in large battle areas with ultimate survival experience. So, a new thrill ride in the race is Hopeless Land: Fight for survival.

This game provides the ultimate simulation action and shooting-survival experience. This game is a very specially designed mobile battleground. It takes us to a hopeless Iceland where we find no light of survival expect our teammates and skills. We need to be the last man standing to escape safely from deadly alone Iceland.

Hopeless Land: Fight for survival is a mobile-oriented online multiplayer game. This game provides a battleground in which 121 players can play at the same time with each other. This game is designed specially to enhance the experience of a battleground to a much better experience. 121 players are taken and parachuted to an unknown alone Iceland and then the fight for survival begins! We have to collect weapons and fight with the rest of the players to become the last man standing.

This game tests our skills in all dimensions and directions like the survival skills to escape the danger zones and make the correct strategies, or acting skills when it is required from us to take the load and responsibility to kill and make the way! This online multiplayer game provides special features to enhance the thrill and experience of simulation and action. We can use multiple weapons, drive a variety of vehicles including helicopters. So get ready, this game is going to be a new fire in the world of mobile gaming!

Hopeless Land


Dive into an unknown Iceland with other 120 players and fight alone or in your team to be the ultimate survivor and winner! Players are parachuted into an unknown Iceland. They need to collect weapons and attack the enemies and survive till last. There is a vast variety of weapons for the players to collect and fight.

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We can play solo or also in the team. We can communicate with each other as this game also provides talk in-game feature. The play and fight area is very large, but it terminates and becomes smaller and smaller time to time. Players need to be in the safe zone as it gives damage and reduces the life of the layers. Become a warrior adopt fatal strategies and go ahead to be the last man standing. There are many possibilities to show your skills but remember the ultimate rule is to survive.

Features Of The Game:

Online multiplayer experience:
This game is played online with 120 other players in a vast play area. We can play as well as talk to our team members. We can play with friends easily and connect to them, also we can play with random people with a really small matchmaking time.

The play area has got a variety of infrastructures to play and hide between the various intense fighting scenarios. The talk in-game feature provides a realistic experience to the players in which we can talk and discuss at each step.

Easy to control and handle:
The game controls are easy and very much interactive. On our gaming control skin, we can find the movement on-screen controls on the left side. We can move our player by the control ball on the left side.

The shooting controls are found on the right side. We can knock down enemies by the shooting buttons. It doesn’t depend on our gaming experience. We can play this game easily even if we are a beginner as the controls are very much interactive. We can perform various actions like sprint, jump, go prone, crouch by the easy controls provide on screen.

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Hopeless Land

Download Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Game 1.0 APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
Size:54 MB
Updated On:February 04, 2019
Current Version:1.0
Requires Android:4.1 and up

Download Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival APK File Here

Special in-game features/ what’s more

The game is developed in the Asia region and as we are dropped into unknown Iceland, we have to fight with the rest of the players. There are various Asian infrastructures with rich graphics. We can run between, hide, crouch and fight for survival making our own strategies while talking with our friends to continue further in our mission for survival.

There is a no of weapons like assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and snipers and explosives which make the in-game battles more intense and fatal, we can kill the enemies in our desired way according to our own plan. There are also a variety of vehicles to drive in the game and explore the Iceland and camp in our desired areas and follow the ultimate motive to survive and become the last survivor.

We can also ride a helicopter and hunt for our enemies. In addition to these, there are also various in-game rewards and points with which we can enhance the looks and apparels. Overall, this game is a full action and battleground packed entertainment for the players, so get ready to dive into unknown Iceland to fight for survival and be the last man standing!

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