Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale

Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale Game 1.225.427388 APK for Android from the link provided below. In this fast-growing gaming industry of today, many incredible games are taking rule more n more in different categories including high-quality graphics, real-world experience, stunning gameplay, and modern technologies. In this race of games, ‘ Knives out’ (also known as wilderness action) by Net ease is turning out to be one of the most hardcore simulation and survival battle Royal First person shooting game.

Knives Out is an online action-packed battle royal game which gives us an incredible experience of simulation fights and survival strategy. The game is filled with action between all sort of buildings and geographical terrains. It is a game 100 players land in a fight and survival zone of 40 sq. Km and do whatever it takes to be the ultimate survivor!

It has got an intense fight environment and locations with amazing graphics which takes the players to a thrill ride full of gunshots action and simulation and the winner is the one who beats them all and is the last man standing! Explore the map, collect weapons and play in any strategy you want there are no rules! Snipe from distance, play defensive or offensive, blast the enemy with grenades, play ambush or anything.

Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale

The main objective is to survive and be the winner! We also find different vehicles in the game to run from or to your enemy and get into the play zone as soon as possible!

The game has fully user-friendly controls and it is full skills and strategy making. Players can talk and communicate with each other on voice chat and messages within their teammates giving the players a new amazing realistic experience! Only one among the 100 survives to be the champion of all! In the game, we find a variety of killer weapons which give us an amazing FPP experience. we can play in a team or Alone to fight, defend, survive and win.


The gameplay of knives out is simply amazing and a thrill ride. In the beginning, the 100 players board into helicopters and are taken to an island of 40X40 km highly intense fight area full of geographical terrains and all sort of buildings and architecture which gives a high-end thrill fight experience. Then the players dive into the fight zone parachuted and dive into their selective place then they lost their weapons and search out the fight area in the hunt for their favorite weapons and get their best killer combination out of them, encountering all along the way with enemies, looting their weapons and defending themselves.

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Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale

The 100 players keep fighting among themselves and defending themselves and the playing zone keeps reducing making it more intense and fights provoking! Players use different tactics and strategies to kill the other enemy and become the ultimate survivor. Finally, the fighting area comes to it’s a minimum size and all the surviving players meet face to face and put their all energy to be the king of survival and beat them all and the winner is chosen!

We can also play as a team and conquer the other teams and play a more strategy involving game like suicide kills, pushing in, hide and attack and a lot more.

How to play | Play controls

The play controls of Knives out are very easy to handle and master. The mode on which you can play this game is Landscape mode. We see on the left side of the screen the move button helps us move in different directions.

We find shooting buttons on both the left and right side of the screen to shoot down our enemy. We see a map on the left top corner of the screen which directs us to move in the okay area. Then, we also find a bottom for voice chat and message and quick predefined messages. We find a health bar at a bottom portion which indicates the player’s life status. We can customize our control settings to make them as much suitable for our hand grip as needed. So the game controls are fully adaptive and interactive.

There are different weapons with attaching and aiming control and weapons with driving controls which are easy to master within a few times. Along with screen controls, we can also play Knives out with emulators on a computer system.

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What’s more?

Each game is of 20 minutes or so if we survive till the end fights. After each game, we collect rewards for our gameplay and progress. We keep getting rewards and our player profile keeps getting better and better. Collect more and more rewards and keep making the profile better and getting more n more skins and featured giftpacks for your player.

The new update 1.223.427388 brings in new base map and increased battlefield experience. Tokyo Royale! The new map provided for players to be airdropped in and fight to win. Tokyo is the battlefield of the players, players jump in and explore across Tokyo and experience hardcore simulation action and survival. We can find the details of Tokyo within like Tokyo Tower, Shibuya 109 building, Kabikicho, and other familiar buildings!
Players can play Knives out on the common emulators also.

Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale Game APK

Game Name:Knives Out-Tokyo Royale
File Size:32 MB
Current Version:1.225.427388
Updated On:June 09, 2019
Requires Android:4.2 and up

Download Knives Out-Tokyo Royale APK File Here

Game orientation and requirements:

License: free
Developer: Net Ease
Latest version: 1.225.427388
Category: Action | Adventure | Survival | Battle Royal
Language: English
Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

So the game is full of strategy, action, simulation and tricks and tactics to either kill the enemy or defend from them. Remember, there are no rules! Just the main motive is to survive by doing whatever it takes by playing in solo mode, duo or team fire mode.

The best part of the game is the Independence given to the players which make it completely on the players to adopt which play mode, ambushing or silent, killing or surviving, running or camping, the main objective is the be on top and be the last man standing!

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