Lost Temple Game

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One of the latest coolest running game in the temple series is the Lost Temple. Discover the hidden secrets, pathways, and treasure of the lost temple. The escaping route is built in an Iceland between an ocean and you have to escape from the dangerous and life-threatening zone at all costs! There are a lot of mysterious and dangerous traps waiting for you on your way! stay alert and find the ultimate escape from this deadly Iceland. So get ready for a 3D action which will take you to a lost, deadly and mysterious Iceland!

You are chased by a deadly monster who is after your life badly on this remote, unknown and mysterious Iceland, your job is to survive the attack of the monster by escaping from this Iceland. You will be running continuously by default and you have to tap on the correct option available to perform an action like jumping, dodging, turning or running under from an obstacle.

There will be continuous obstacles on your way and your job is to defend from them, if you get hit from a single obstacle.. the monster running behind is not going to spare you. So get ready for an ultimate thrill ride and lots of action and adventure. Your reflex skills are going to be tested to their best in this one so be ready.

Lost Temple Game

Game features :

There are many features in the game :

1. Special scenes: We get four special scenes in the video animation of the game which are unique.

2.multiple characters: There are many characters to play with. So if you think you are going to be bored while playing with a single character then you are wrong! Because you are getting nine different characters to play with. You can rush and run in the unknown mysterious temple with 9 different people.

3. Equipment and powerups: There are a lot of equipment and powerups available in the game which will help you with your energy needs. The powerups will boost up your stamina and make you run faster and defend your self from the monster in a much better way.

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4. Amazing effects: there are 3D visual effects in the game which will be thrilling you more in a much effective way!

5. The monster mode: Yes, you read that right! There is a monster mode in the game available for the players. We can play as monsters in the game and Chase against humans who are escaping from the temples. Run behind the humans and attack them to complete your objectives. So you can play in a much different way form an opposite angle in this mode!

6.Zombie mode: The game also contains an exciting zombie mode in it which You a wider and thrilling one!

7. At disposal there are diverse classes: there are so many diverse classes available for the players to explore. All the features are unique and each of the classes is equipped with their own skillset. There are so many classes available like gun, zombie, warrior, martial artist and much more. the catacombs are so dangerous that it creates a matter of life and death for the players and gets difficult but the greed of treasures and riches tempts the player and let him make his way.

8. Pets as companions: in this storyline a Khmer, a noble has hidden money in his tombs and the legend is aware of that. This treasure is still unrevealed and unboxed. There is a compass available in the game lost temple and the player can use that to navigate or get directed around to find some treasures deep hidden within, tombs and also some pets which can be used as a weapon against enemies to fight.

Lost Temple Game

9. The black market game: there is a facility of the game to provide the person a chance to get wealthier than others. If they want to be richer than anyone of them other then they have to sell rare gem to the black market available in the game and sell more to get more money. Not only gems you can also collect antique and sell them easily.

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10. Worldwide game to death and life: there is a great option of the players becoming the top player of the world and be a champion. As there are men there is war. War for the title of the best and this war is fought between all the players between the world. Each one can have a match and can ultimately become the richest and can become the top player in the world with their skills and dedication.

Download Lost Temple Game APK Update 2019

Application Name: Lost Temple
Current Version:
File Size: 86M
Uploaded on: September 15, 2019
Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Click Here to download APK File

Controls of Lost Temple game :

The game has got very easy and user interactive controls. The character you are controlling will run automatically, you need to swipe and tap in different directions and ways to make your character move and take a turn. You can also jump or slide with the help of the touch controls. The controls in the game are very easy to touch controls and you will get used to it too shortly after little no. of gameplay.

Collect the coins and powerups to boost your player’s stamina and speed so as to escape from the temple as well as the monster running behind. Stay alert as a single mistake can lead you straight into the hands of the monster.

You can download this game from the Google app store or play store. This game is updated and well-designed version of the running and escaping game. We can say, this game is the ultimate form of the running and escaping games. There are so many moves which will be performed by your character on your command during the game, which involves sliding, jumping, turning left or right, or perform a special set of moves.

This game is so thrilling and adventurous to play so just grab our game and the best league. Become a legend of the game by just downloading it and experience the journey of becoming riches from the rags. For more information stay connected to www.thinkgsm.com!


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