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Mario Kart Tour For Android

Despite some inconsistent and dwelling record of smartphone games, Nintendo is continuing to add to its games cart, revealing that the next effort will be a new mobile game, mobile Mario Kart.

It was very Firstly announced during the development in February 2018, Mario Kart Tour is still a mystery as Nintendo did not reveal any details on its gameplay, pricing, or even a proper release date.

Following the disaster of Miitomo, Mario Kart Tour is a lucky sign that Nintendo is going to invest in mobile adaptations of its more popular games, rather than trying anything more devastating or new anytime soon.

Mario kart Tour

Nintendo might have closed the shutters after its first-ever mobile experiment, Miitomo, but that doesn’t mean its plans for the smartphone games are going to change any time recently. Nintendo of America has announced through Twitter that another of its recognizable properties is going to be released. Quoted as “The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near,” the company said; “A new mobile application is now in development in Mario Kart Tour!”

Except for the title, Nintendo has not revealed much else. The app is not due to launch until “the fiscal year ending in March 2019”. Nevertheless, it has continued the basic theme of releasing some of its best-known characters and games on smartphones – in modified form. Mario emerged as the paid infinite runner, Super Mario Run, while Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes offer amazing game which was free to play.

It remains to be revealed which category Mario Kart Tour will fall into. It may be a paid for an app like Super Mario Run, or using micro-transactions, likes the mobile Animal Crossing. On a similar note, it may be fascinating to see how Nintendo will offer an amazing racing experience on a smartphone, but without cannibalizing sales on one of its most successful console titles.

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Download Mario Kart Tour Game APK Version 2020

Application Name: Mario Kart Tour
Current Version: 2.6.1
File Size: 124.58 MB
Uploaded on: October 27, 2020
Requires Android: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)

Click here to download the APK file

When can I play it?

Mario Kart Tour’s accurate release date is yet to be released, with Nintendo giving us a pretty wide hint with the tweet. We knew the game will be coming in the next fiscal year but that means it could launch any time by the end of March 2019.

Nintendo’s mobile titles have historically suggested into delays, and given the fact that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes are relatively recent releases and still undergoing regular updates, we are not sure that the time is right to push another big game out there or not.

How much will it cost?

Counting on Nintendo’s past phone releases, it is difficult to tell whether Mario Kart Tour will be a game for playing free or will come with micro-transactions, or a one-time in-app purchase game with no paid extras.
Reportedly from the Wall Street Journalist has said that the game can be ‘free to play’. Even though this is a little unclear, Super Mario Run is also free to play a game that may give us some idea as to how the model would translate to Mario Kart Tour.

For Mario Kart Tour we can imagine the game will be like Super Mario Run. It can be released as a free trial which might give access to one or two levels and a limited number of the card, characters, and features. After the players will go through this trial, they will then have been able to purchase the full game for around $10/£10 and get access to all of the cards and features of the game as well as timely free updates later the time.

This can make it different from the other free to play titles like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp which is free to download but thereafter has certain content that can only be accessed with a purchase. Although it is having a model that would also work for Mario Kart Tour; we can quite easily see the game being free with certain tracks, characters, and cards requiring additional payment.

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Which platforms will it be on?

Though Nintendo has not yet confirmed anything about it just yet, we think it will be safe to assume that Mario Kart Tour will be released on both android and apple as other mobile titles have already been active there.

How will it play?

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not yet released anything on how Mario Kart Tour will actually play, but given it is based on the popular Mario Kart; it will naturally be a nice version of the console games.

How that will have gameplay out there is hard to determine because Mario Kart is a game with control complications that can be hard to condense into a touchscreen format.

In the way that Super Mario Run had the character Mario running on its own while the player-controlled its moves, Mario Kart Tour can have the cars driving on their own, while the player controls their driving and which items are used with various tapping, clicking, and swiping motions.

There is even a chance in this kind of control system for motion controls, wherein the players can turn their phone on to the side and turn the screen as they controlling a steering wheel.

How the multiplayer element will come into the new product is yet to be confirmed.

Nintendo’s games usually require that the player must be online but whether they will have a face-off in live races or simply race around a populated track and try to establish themselves on leaderboards is currently unknown.

A big part of the fun game in Mario Kart is the unpredictability of facing off against real competitors, so we would definitely like to see live races rather than leader board criteria in the new game.

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