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Download Megadede 1.1.3 APK latest version for Android from the link provided below. The users must be aware of the famous app Pordede which has millions of users. It was the app that shared all the streaming series and the latest movies to an ample amount of people.

If you know that, you must probably know that it was hacked and also the data that was used in that. Now that data is in the Megadede.

What is Megadede meant for?

The famous Megadede app is meant to provide users with the latest content uploaded on the internet. It is best for the people who want to watch online series which are uploaded on amazon prime, Netflix, HBO and other legal platforms that offer content for some price for membership per year or per month. So if you want to watch that everything for free, you should download this app.

What does the app help with?

Since the app is not hosted on an external server it is possible that it might not work without changing the APK settings of your phone, however, it has the facility of being online as well as offline. Choose yours.

This app has many features for the ones who are addicted to the one who loves to explore the new world of films.


What is the feature of Megadede?

• The first and the foremost feature of the app is that the app exceptionally allows users to search and play the movies according to a different classification. Like if you have got a bucket list of what movies you want to see, so you can simply search and play your favorite movie. But if in case you want to start over again and have to watch a new movie you can just go through the playlist of the apps which offer content according to many preferences. For example, they arrange a playlist according to most-watched, thriller, romance, drama, and many more you can choose according to your mood.

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• Second, comes the variety, this app got all the catalogs and schedules of the famous and most used online web series platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, HBO and more.

• The third is the one user will like a lot which is creating a favorite list. Users are allowed to create a list of movies or program they love or can add them to watch later list.

• Fourth is the super amazing feature of following other users list. You can also follow a list of other app users so as to know the hot and amazing content if you have missed any. This will help you in getting introduced to more and more amazing and awesome content out there across the globe.

• The fifth is following another user’s service. You can also follow the service or content given by the unknown and other users if you like it or find interesting to watch though.

• Sixth is to follow series and programs. The app allows you to follow your favorite series or episodes of your addictive series so that every time a new episode comes you will be receiving a notification on your device to watch it so that you run out of the story.

Other than this all the other features or amazing thing about the app is that the interface of the app is super easy and handy.

There are several methods of searching for a movie or series of moods. It has an advanced search engine that helps for more accurate and precise searches.

The content is diverse, popular, loved, fresh and updated from time to time. This will probably be the wish of every user. Time is not the limit in this app even if you want to see an old or vintage collection you will get as old as you want. Even you want to see any middle-age movie you just have to search it online and within no seconds it will be there right in front of your eyes.

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If you want to see a Nepalese movie of the era of the ’70s, no worries you will get that too. No matter what time the movie is you will get it. Even if you do not get your search In one time do not worry and just be more clear with your words of search as there can be one or more movies starting with the same word.

Download Megadede 1.1.3 APK For Android – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Megadede
File Size:5.1 MB
Current Version:1.1.3
Uploaded On:May 18, 2019
Requires Android:4.1 and up

Click here to download APK File

Why the app Megadede is free of cost?

No matter what but it is true that this app is a pirate service and works unofficially and not legally. So no wonder why this app works free of cost. Do not get surprised if one day the app just stops working or gets disappear, it might have been hacked or deleted by the authorities above it. But till this does not happen, use this free of cost and enjoy the paid and expensive series till it gets closed.

Other information:

The app works for android only and that too android version above ANDROID 2.3.3. To download the app users have to grant permission to download the app from unknown sources, which is originally disabled due to security reasons.

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