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Download Pandemy Z – Global Survival game APK latest version 2020 from the link provided below.

Wiggin Industries is an independent game developer from Barcelona which is all set to release a new game Pandemy Z – Global Survival game which will fall under Adventure game.

Pandemy Z- Global survival game where players will be fighting for your survival. The game has a storyline wherein year 2025 1% of the population will die and players will need to fight for their survival.

About Pandemy Z

Pandemy Z is global survival game, where you will be experiencing real world of zombies. The game doesn’t have a peaceful environment, where you will be a part coexist 4 factions. In this environment you will be trying to survive an apocalypse zombie world.

To survive in this game, you need to find food and drinks which you need to eat and drink before its too late. To boost up your energy to survive you need to drink and eat up food. Living in this dangerous environment, players will have so much fear to live in zombie world.

Download Pandemy Z APK

However, you need not to fear you have to fight with your fears. In Pandemy Z world undead people will be roaming all around here and there without any restrictions, so you need to be very careful when you move out from your home. The undead people who are moving all around are super hungry and once they bite you, you will be one of them.

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To fight with zombies, you need to be united with other peoples, so players need to join one of the 4 factions and fight for your future.

Download Pandemy Z – Global Survival APK 2020 Update

Application Name: Pandemy Z – Global Survival
Current Version: NA
File Size: 37.12 MB
Uploaded on: May 15, 2020
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3

Click here to download APK File


In Pandemy Z players will be in the world of Zombies, where you will be fighting for your future world. The zombies are so much hungry, and you need to be very careful while you’re out, if they bite you will be one of them and lose the game.

Players will be able to explore the world, where you will be searching for your loot and equipment’s which will help you to fight against zombies. You need to run fast to save yourself from zombies. While playing the game running will not only save yourself from zombies you need to be very skillful while fighting with zombies.

Features of the game

  • Pandemy Z is an RPG survival game based on geo-localization.
  • World-class sound and graphic quality.
  • Main key factors which will be affecting your character is thirst, stress, infection and hunger.
  • The game is packed with lots of customization shaders and elements. You will be able to customize each and every piece.
  • To enhance your equipment’s, you can repair or craft it by your own.
  • Pandemy Z comes with classic RPB combat, where your number will matter.
  • Every player has their own gameplay, as the real weather and real-world will decide how you play.
  • Players performance will depend on medical conditions like anxiety, bleeding, fatigue and infection.
  • Players will be able to find equipment sans loot in the real world depending on node locations.
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