Download PAYDAY: Crime War

Download PAYDAY: Crime War 181025.1907 APK for Android | Latest Update 2018 from the link provided below. PAYDAY: Crime war is an upcoming first-person action shooter game, which will let you choose the option between heisters or Cops.

This new game will be available soon for two big platforms iOS and Android, and you will be able to play this game over your smartphone and enjoy. Unlike other cops game which doesn’t let you choose the option from heisters or cops, this game is open-ended let you choose what you want to be. Be a heister and challenge the cops and rob else be a cop challenge heister and caught them.

Download PAYDAY: Crime War

This game will let you choose you to want to be a heisters or cops and face off. It will be a multiplayer online game which will allow you to make your team decide whether you will be playing as a heisters and want to rob or want to be a team of cops and want to catch heisters and stop them from robbing.

In this game, you will challenge your enemies in some of the iconic locations like First World bank, Jewelry shop, Supermarket and many more. PAYDAY is a game which is based on familiar locations.

Download PAYDAY: Crime War

While playing the game you can unlock upgrades and make yourself powerful to improve your moves and win the game. When you get the upgrade you can smoothen-up your gameplay with smooth moves and deliver the best results.

The game is all about planning grab your team make a plan to become a perfect heist or make a law and caught heisters. At the end of the game, it will be fun to see who will be at the top and win the game.

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The gameplay of this game will allow you to play from the law enforcement for the very first time. The locations are the same as in other Crime War games. The game will begin with two teams with four players in each team.

Download PAYDAY: Crime War

One team will be playing as heisters and another team will be playing as a cop. The cops team will try to stop another team from completing their task, the task given to heisters are as robbing the bank, casino and other known locations. The cops will also be able to upgrade their character to a certain degree after reaching the specific points.

This game will be loved by everyone but especially for those who love to play in a team. This game is totally dependent on teamwork. If playing as a heister don’t let cops break your team and your robbery plans. If playing as cops don’t let heister win to rob.
So decide you want to be a bad person and rob the bank or you want to be a good person to stop criminals from robbing the bank.

PAYDAY: Crime War APK for Android | Latest Update 2018

Application PAYDAY: Crime War
File NamePAYDAY Crime
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Version Name181025.1907
Total Size48.6 MB
Updated On04-November-2018

Download PAYDAY: Crime War Game APK

*** This is an Unreleased Beta version update, so the game may be unstable during play.

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