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Pokemon Go is No.1 Grossing adventure game was released in July 2016 and developed by Niantic. Pokemon Go is a free game available in the Play Store and Apple store. This game is popular due to its new location-based AR technology which uses player location through GPS and creates a virtual Pokemon, which appears as pokemon has entered the player’s real world.

The game also offers you to create and customize their avatars after creating your account. It will allow you to customize Hair color, skin tone, and eye color, select a different type of necklace, caps, belts, tops, bottoms, shoes and socks from the available option.

This is an augmented reality game that makes an avatar move within the game maps when the player moves in their real world. This AR mode uses the camera in a player’s device to display an image of pokemon as it was there in the real world. In this Pokemon Go players, like Pokemon series players no need to fight with wild Pokemon to catch them.

When you find a wild pokemon you just need to throw a Poke ball at it by flicking upwards at the screen. Once you caught the Pokemon it will come under the player’s title. After catching the wild pokemon the player will be rewarded with candies and stardust. These rewards will helps to increase pokemon’s combat power.

Download Pokemon Go Latest Apk

This is the adventure game so the main goal of Pokemon Go is to collect things and complete the entries in Pokedex. Niantic has come up with lots of new features and improvements in the latest version 0.187.1 which is already available at the Play Store and Apple store for download. According to the developer, this update is more difficult than the original version. The latest version comes with Friends, trading, and gifting.

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Pokemon Go comes with new ways to interact with our friends. This Friends feature will allow players to connect with their real-life friends in Pokemon Go and allows checking their adventure. Players can also send items to them to earn a bonus. If you want to add your friend to Pokemon Go, you have to first ask them for sharing their trainer code with you for inviting the trainer.

To make our friend we need to enter our friend’s trainer code, once we enter the code we have to send a request to our friends for adding to the friend’s list. After they accept the request we will become friends in Pokemon Go and will be able to on Pokemon Go friends list.

Whenever we gyrate a photodisk at a poke stop, at that time we have a chance to receive a special gift. Despite we cannot open the received gift, but we can send those gifts to a friend from our friend list. The gift includes the stock of helpful items. By sending a gift to our friend we can increase our friendship level.

When we play together we will be able to unlock bonuses. If we are near to any of our friends and have 10 or more trainers level, then we can trade a Pokemon which we have caught with our friend. We can only increase our friendship level once a day.

June 2018 will be retained as a game-changing month for Pokemon Go. It has come with lots of updates.

Pokemon GO Friendship level bonusesIt’s very simple to make friends in Pokemon Go but to understand the bonus and discount we get from the friendship level is very difficult to understand. When you are playing with your friend you will get a damage bonus and extra premier ball. Only one bonus can be activated at a time and they do not pile. The game will use the highest available bonus.

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The game will be rewarded with extra XP once the level is unlocked. Trading is another aspect that is needed to be completed. The amount of stardust is reduced according to the friendship level, these Stardust are required to complete a trade. The discount percentage is applied to all trainers’ trade based on a friendship level.

Below is a table that will help you understand the friendship level with a damage bonus, trading discount, and extra balls with XP rewards.

LevelDamage bonusExtra ballsXP rewardTrading discount
Good friends
1 day
Great friends
7 days
Ultra friends
30 days
Best friends
90 days

Niantic has also provided new ways or the player to deal with and produce new pokemon. Alolan pokemon have genteelly added to the game and it was currently acknowledgeable that they could also be contrived from the eggs. And these eggs are fixed with some of the game’s new friends’ features and can be produced as gifts. Pokemon gifts appear when we grate a poke stop or a gym disk. These gifts cannot be opened by a trainer who has searched it, but it can be shared with any other friends available on their friend’s list.

Download Pokemon Go APK Version 2020

Application Name: Pokemon Go
Current Version: 0.189.0
File Size: 107.01 MB
Uploaded on: October 14, 2020
Requires Android: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)

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Niantic has developed this game in such a way that players can group a maximum of 5 gifts in their bags at any time. Once this has been completed players friend has a chance to open the bag and find the Pokemon Go 7KM egg. And there are chances where this can release an Alolan from Pokemon. This is a new feature in Pokemon Go.

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