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Download PUBG Mobile Beta APK update 2019 from the link provided below. PUBG new update is available now in beta version for two most popular platforms Android and iOS. The new update will receive some of the interesting features which will make your experience with PUBG more interesting. To make it more interesting PUBG will be coming with new Vikandi snow map, chat options, some enhanced control settings and the new weapon MK47 Mutant gun. This weapon was available on PS4, Xbox and PC version for a while now.

PUBG is the most popular Royale Battle game which is played by millions of player that are from all around the world and is loved by everyone. PUBG has millions of player and they are getting crazy each passing day, people are going crazy for playing this game. You can find everyone around you is a PUBG player.

There are many Royale battle games available online but no one can beat PUBG. The graphics and combination with the sound quality it is coming are just beyond the expectations that you have never imagined before. PUBG will take you to another world of PUBG where you feel like you’re playing in the real world of PUBG.

The new update will be coming up interesting features and these are not limited to weapons, enhanced control system it will be featuring some other features as well like new outfits. Yes, to make it look awesome it will be coming with some new outfits. On the other hand, some bugs that you might have experienced are improved. The new chat options with new dialogues which will help for better communication with your team.

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The new weapon will be featuring a laser sight attachment which will be used for accurate shots, which is really good being one of the best weapons that too with a laser sight is a good combination to kill your enemies. PUBG is slowly making some changes in regards to features like new and more weapons and vehicles which are especially available for mobile versions. These were the features which are already available for other platforms devices.

The new version is coming with new features but the gameplay will be the same as you have experienced in other versions. It will start with you and 99 other players from all around the world. You will be landed through an aircraft and the place where you want to land all depends upon you. You have to decide where you want to land and this should be done very carefully, you should choose the place to land where you can find things to loot and there should be no other player apart from your team members. While keeping in mind you are not playing this game just to loot, you also need to kill your enemies and see you should not cross the timely circle which can kill you apart from your enemies.


The game can be played individually as well as in a team, you can enjoy to the fullest while playing the game in a team in which the chances of your win increase if all the player in a team plays strategically. In a team, the mistake of one player can lead to loss to the whole team, so you need to play very carefully. You will be getting your challenges on your board on a daily basis and weekly basis on the completion you will be rewarded with reward points which will help you too but weapons or outfits.

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PUBG recently launched Season 7 and later the new update is out in a beta version, the release date for the final version is not revealed yet, but looking at the history after one week of beta version final version is released. So, there are chances for the final version to get a release around 14th August 2019.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 APK Here

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  1. Awesome game this makes you think different strategies. You need to think really quick in the last few minutes of the game. Last few minutes are really important. One mistake and you’re dead. This is a game for the ones who loves to dare. Some improvements needed in this. Like sometimes it lags a bit. It would be really great If you can fix the issue. that When there is no internet and player is walking or has performed some of the actions in the game those actions should be maintained in the game database


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