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Download PUBG Mobile APK for Android from the link provided below. Today there is only one word on the lips of all gamers for the most thrilling sensation worldwide that is PUBG mobile. This game has been able to earn a huge success and growth rate in the year 2019 making almost every gamer on this planet its addict.

The Royal pass season 8 and the recent update of the snow map Vikendi (beta version) has also been very awesome and impressive.

Now the producers of the game are looking forward to presenting an update of 0.14.0 and Royal pass season 7 soon. We are going to receive an update in the later January and season 7 is going to end on 14th August, soon after PUBG mobile 0.14.0 will be released.

It will include a variety of exciting and awaited add-ons namely:

• Godzilla mode
• Royal Pass Season 8
• Tukshai: a new vehicle in Sanhok map
• Death cam feature in PUBG mobile
• Bizon gun

Royal Pass Season 8-

With the arrival of season 8 on 19th July 2019, the team started working upon the 5th season. Now on 12th June 2019, the Royal pass season 4 is going to expire. Then the players will see a lock on their RP section which will remain for about 5 days and then with the arrival of PUBG 0.14.0 update Royal pass season 5 will be released.

The new season will although affect the leagues of all the players will be declined. The players on diamond, Ace and conquer tier will fall back to the Platinum tier. But with the arrival of the new season, we will get a variety of new gun skins and new rewards! Player will still have their obtained clothes and items and equipped items but their elite pass for season 7 will expire.

To access the elite pass and items, players will need to purchase a new elite pass of season 8. New skins and rewards will be given. Players are recommended to redeem their items before the new season.

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Godzilla Mode in PUBG mobile-

The most awaited sensation of this new update is going to be the zombie mode in PUBG mobile. The company is introducing a Zombie environment for players to fight and survive! The battleground is going to be taken to the next level!. Recently PUBG had organized a new star challenge in Dubai. On the last day of this tournament i.e. on PUBG mobile global final, we witnessed the collaboration of the company with Resident Evil game which is most famous for its zombie games.

The producers announced that their collaboration will introduce new fascinating content in January 2019, so this content is going to be the zombie mode! Further many players recently witnessed dead bodies of zombies/monsters on small Iceland’s below the military base area and black blood spots and palm prints have also been seen on the walls of Houses in Gatka region and other places too. It gives us a clue to the company’s new awesome update to the zombie and it confirms these January zombies are coming to PUBG mobile!

New vehicle in Sanhok base – Tukshai

In PUBG PC game we have seen a new vehicle in Sanhok map called ‘Tukshai’ and now the January update will bring this vehicle to PUBG mobile too. It is basically a passenger vehicle that is auto-rickshaw which is called by the name Tukshai in other Asian regions and it is arriving in only Sanhok base.

Death cam feature for PUBG mobile:

PUBG is introducing a new death cam feature in its mobile version which already been seen in the PC version. It provides a reply option to the players when they die. Since many players claim and feel that they were in cover and couldn’t die in that situation and suspect hackers in the game. They will be given an option to replay their death scene. In this way, the company will ensure Fairplay and will help in tracing the presence of hackers in the game.

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New weather in Zharki region of Erangle map:

We have seen the Zharki region of Erangle base has autumn weather in it which is probably going to be converted to snow winter region attracting more players to land and fight and making the battleground more detailed and attractive.

New weapon: MK 47 mutant rifle

The update is also introducing a new MK47 Mutant Assault Rifle. It is going to be in one of the powerful guns in PUBG mobile. It will have 20 bullets in one magazine and is going to use 7.62 mm bullets. This killer weapon will fire in single and burst mode with high accuracy and is going to be the player’s new chase!

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New attachment: Laser Sight

The update is also going to introduce a new attachment to the weapons called laser sight. It will provide accuracy and lower rail aiming using laser light. It will be attachable to all the assault rifles and SMGs and will give a new accuracy experience to the players!

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New emotes and classic voices in the RP section:

The January update will bring new rewards in the 5tg season Along with options in the voice when we will chat with our teammates in a new classic voice. We will get the option in the voice chat section in the settings section of the game to select voices from the options. The new season will also provide us with new emotes and the action moves along with various skins for guns. Players will get these rewards after reaching certain Rank and the elite items will be available only to the players who will purchase the season 5 elite pass and will be able to experience new rewards and discover new excitements!

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