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Download PUBG Mobile APK Update 2019 from the link provided below. PUBG has got a new Vikendi map which is a 4th playable map with 6×6 islands on the Adriatic Sea. The new map comes with a new theme of snow forest which is truly new for PUBG.

The new map comes with a vast variety of business, attractions, and villages. It comes with beautiful graphics which is full of thick forest and snowy mountains. It has a full new look with a snowy look which makes it look so fresh in PUBG. In this map tourist can look into the future through a new spacecraft with this you can travel to future and even travel to the past in which you can experience Dino Park, aging Castle, and tour to the winery.

Download PUBG Mobile APK

Vikendi Map is so much interesting and coming with unlimited fun it’s a beautiful map which is dangerous at the same time. The player or the survivors will be passing through cold lands and the players have to watch at their backs as the snow land will be leaving footprints on the fresh snow.

The gameplay of Vikendi Map is same Erangel and Miramar but it will be coming with much quicker and faster gameplay than these two maps. But with Vikendi map you will need more strategies and plan your steps carefully as compared to Sanhok map.

The player can enjoy with the snowball, throwing at each other while waiting to board the plane at the starting area. This adds to much fun to PUBG, you can throw snowballs at your friends and take a feel of the snowy environment. Not only it comes with a new look but with new vehicles and skins which adds extra plus points to this new map. The vehicles which will be coming in this map will be more slippery in snow and ice areas.

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Download PUBG Mobile APK

This will be the real type of experience when you’re really moving in the snowy or icy area. If you speed up in this area you will lose control over vehicle so to maintain the control you should have steady speed.

Players will be able to track footprints and vehicle tracks which will appear in the snowy area as your travel. So players need to be very careful and should keep an eye on it which will help you to find and track your enemies who have recently passed out through that area.

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