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Download RWBY Deckbuilding Game 0.59.201903221453 APK from the link provided below. A new Android game RWBY Deckbuilding is available now to play from Rooster Teeth which is free to play the game.

The game was released on 14th February 2019 and on this special day of love the game is released in a new genre digital card gaming. After so much action game, battle game, role play game we have a new card game which is named as RWBY Deckbuilding, the name is as interesting as it is based on RWBY sixth season supernatural animation series.

The game is full of surprises as you will be getting some unique and quite interesting game features which you might have not experienced yet. If you’re bored of playing regular games then you must try this new digital card game where you will be building decks while battling with other players, co-operation raids, and booster pack all these elements are something new and which will make this game different from other available games in the store.

RWBY Deckbuilding

The fans of RWBY animation series will love this digital card game where you will have a battle with your favorite characters from RWBY series like Yang, Ruby, Weiss, Jaune, Nora, Blake, Ren, and Pyrrha. These are some of the main characters of RWBY supernatural animation series and the motto of this game is to upgrade their piles by purchasing cards which you can buy while battling from a shared pool.

With your powerful power-up and strategies with those cards, you can win over your opponents and defeat them with your superpowers.

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Features of the game:

• The new game will be coming with extreme characters which take you to another level of gaming experience with digital cards.
You need not to have any booster packs or kind of pack to chase. Moving towards each level you would experience some unique gameplay.
The game offers to play with computer or even you a play with your friends up to three players in a quick match or invite only games.
You can unlock some modes which will allow the players to challenge the computer where you can defeat the diabolic boss and win relic cards.
The game offers to purchase some raids where you will get an opportunity to make a team of your friends and family members or other players from all over the world to win over the villains and ear mind-blowing rewards points.

Download RWBY Deckbuilding Game APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:RWBY Deckbuilding
File Size:87M
Current Version:0.59.201903221453
Updated On:22 April 2019
Requires Android:4.3 and up

Download RWBY Deckbuilding APK File Here

This is a multi-player online game you can team-up and enjoy your experience with the game. You can collect and unlock unlimited collectibles. As you play and move forward with the game you will be exploring much raid machines and many more.

The game has awesome graphics as it is based on RWBY supernatural animation series. You will be loved with the graphics and the sound quality, which make you feel like you’re playing in the real world of RWBY world of beautiful art.

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