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Download Second Galaxy APK Update 2019 for Android from the link provided below. ZlongGames is a mobile game development company which has released a game Langrisser for two most popular platforms Android and iOS. ZlongGames after the success of their first game is all set to release a new game Second Galaxy.

The second Galaxy will fall under the role-playing genre, which comes with a sci-fi environment. The game will let you experience a vast scientific world which will show 4961 galaxies, each galaxy is filled with different manners like cosmic dust, wormholes, dark matter, space stations, and other different celestial bodies. The game will also let the players experience artificial space facilities, which makes the players to experience the space.

Game Play: Second Galaxy

In this game players will be exploring the sci-fi world, players will be giving all kinds of commands to the space ship and align work to your team members and revolve around the universe. Players will also be able to complete corporations and make yourself busy is dynamic free trade with the other players all across the galaxies. The freedom is waiting for you for the endless experience in the space.

Space is full of hidden treasures and players will be exploring them in the universe. Players need to find these hidden treasure before it’s gone. In Second Galaxy players will be experiencing an ultimate challenge and overcome.

The game comes with a beautiful environment and a comic character which makes it look so beautiful, which makes it interesting for the players to stay connected with it.

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In this galaxy, players will be experiencing the world in the future of three thousand years, in this civilization is moving into the universe to set their colonization. Which is known as Second Galaxy, in these five nations are emerging nations where players will be fighting with the enemies which are coming in their ways and holding a check on each other.

Features of the game

• Beautiful characters and environment which makes it look so beautiful like you will be taken to the world of galaxies.
• In Second Galaxy players will be able to explore the world of the astronomical universe which consists of unique galaxies. It is an immense universe which consists of open-world elements that stimulate 4961 galaxies which include stars, planets, wormholes, black holes, and many more.
• Here players will be able to discover the world which comes in total Sci-fi technology. It comes with five series of ships with three different specifications. In this Galaxy, players will be experiencing 150 ships that you can unlock while playing the game.
• Players can master stargates and then you can make the universe your oyster, Start your journey beyond time and space. You can travel to the universe through thousands of lights in an instant network of wormholes to open the new space.
• The second Galaxy allows the user all around the world, where you can be in the interconnected world.
• The game consist of where 1000 players have galactic battles, you can enjoy this galaxy with players from all around the world.

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Download Second Galaxy APK Update 2019

Application Name: Second Galaxy
Current Version: 1.2.0
File Size: 87 MB
Uploaded on: September 14, 2019
Requires Android: Android 4.0

Click here to download APK file

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