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Download Spotify Premium APK For Android, the latest update 2019 from the link provided below. Spotify app is an app used for the streaming of music. It was developed by a Swedish company in the year 2008.

About Spotify Premium

It is currently available in almost 78 countries across the globe. This supplies DRM protected matter from media companies and record labels. This app has two kinds of service available which is basically termed as freemium. One is free which provides the basic content, along with advertisements or other irritating stuff like automatic playing videos. Where the premium package provides much-improved quality and no advertisement after paid subscription.

Spotify Premium is available across Europe, America, Australia, Africa, New Zealand and some parts of Asia too. It is available on most of the devices nowadays. It is available on most platforms like Android, iOS and even windows. It can be used on desktop, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even at internet equipped television.

Users can search for music through artist, genre, and album by name of the song.

Users are allowed to create, remove, edit or arrange songs according to their interests.

The app provides about 40 million ranges of songs and has about 200 million active users amongst whom 87 million are paying subs.


Spotify also pays royalties according to the number of times the song is streamed in comparison to a total number of songs played to the artist or the company associated.

Even though there are lots and lots of music streaming apps to choose from Spotify is one of those which always comes to mind because of its consistency in delivering and new offer coming to the market very often.

It is an unarguably best music service provider, easiest to use and still at the top even after stiff competition from Apple Music, Google plays music and other good music service providers.

One of the reasons believed for Spotify to be consistent is that it remain stuck to its roots and continued providing stable and great choices to choose from. They have also been adding new and amazing features from time to time. It has got genuine staying power ahead.

It has got super smart and amazing playlists, podcasts, sharing tool and lots more. There are many new features to be expected soon such as Spotify smart speaker. Let us see what makes Spotify so special.

Pricing plans for Spotify Premium

Although users will obviously get to see a better experience when users are going pay for a service, users are going to love that Spotify still offering a decent streaming solution for those who don’t have the payment in cash for a subscription.

Spotify Free is not literally free, of course – it is an ad-supported version. So the advertisements companies are essentially paying Spotify to give users the luxury of listening without coughing up any of the cash users paid. But Spotify still loves if the users sign up to a subscription, so the so-called ‘free’ service isn’t the best or easiest to be listening around.

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On the web or the desktop app, users can play any track, album or playlist at any time or in any order, but users will hear an advertisement, which users cannot skip every few songs.

The experience is a little clunkier on a smartphone. With the Spotify app and a free account, users can pick 15 playlists. These cannot be stored for offline service, but there is a low data use in the mode that caches some of the data, to go easy. Users cannot even freely skip tracks in these playlists, and there is still much more of ads.

Although users get a decent experience if they do not pay but even if they subscribe, a Spotify subscription is definitely worth it if users can afford the commitment.

Most of the users tend to sign up for the Premium in the subscription. This costs about $9.99/£9.99 for a month and gets users unlimited access to the great amount of 30 million plus track library on user’s phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

One of the best things about a premium subscribed account is that users can download music to almost three devices at the same time for offline playing too, which converts Spotify from an online streaming app into a solid music service.

If there are a few of the users in users household users can save a lot of money with a Premium for Family account. This might costs $14.99/£14.99 a month, but let us up to six people connect to Spotify at the same time. If users try to share standard account users will be dumped off as soon as someone else tries to play a song.


Platforms provider

Users can get Spotify on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. If users use a laptop, Spotify also supports the windows or mac.

In Spotify, there is a web interface also available, which is letting just about any connected gadget with a browser get involved in the streaming of music. most people tend to use their phone to listen to Spotify on the way– and it is easy to see why they prefer to do so.

Spotify also seems offers a great selection of playlists that have been created for all kinds of genres and moods. When buying music users will probably search for an artist or album name, but a less traditional approach towards the music often works well with Spotify.

Web player

Users can not pick up many faults with Spotify, but if they were forced to criticize, then the web player would be its weakest point. This let us use the service on a desktop or laptop without installing anything and it may be handy if, users cannot install the app on their work PC.

It is a Flash-based network and therefore would not work on all browsers and therefore users cannot use it on Safari, for instance.

While users are allowed to listen to music happily enough on other browsers, making the playlists of the web user interface are more difficult, and users cannot synchronize songs for offline play. It also does not incorporate podcasts, which will become a part of the mobile apps.
That said, none of these feel like deal breakers, because there are not many instances where users would not be able to use the Spotify app on the smartphone.

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Spotify added podcasts to its service in 2015. This may seem a strange thing when podcasts were freely available anyway, but Spotify wanted to become the only audio app which is usable.

In a normal podcast app, users can subscribe to a podcast feed. But in Spotify users follow them and recently appeared episodes then appear in an unplayed podcasts part of Spotify.

This App can recommend playlists for different moods, it is good at paying attention to what the podcasts users like. It will recommend podcasts and individual episodes of it and also allow users to pick one of their choices based on user’s interests, from politics and games to news and games.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is one of the most amazing features for users with a Wi-Fi enabled wireless speakers Many wireless models support it and it lets the user’s stream tracks to them directly from the Spotify phone and desktop apps.

It is similar to a Spotify transformation of Apple-Google Cast or AirPlay. And if the user’s speaker uses Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi that is also not a problem, as Bluetooth simply transmits all audio from the user’s phone.
Users can lead over to SpotifyGear to check if their speaker supports Spotify Connect or not.

This App suggests playlists depending on Moods and Genres that is from Pride to Chill to romance to Workout.


It is Spotify’s catalog and app collection that makes it the best music streaming app, the addition of social features makes it even better.

A little icon by any artist, playlist or song lets users share links to social media like Facebook or Twitter, or copy a link that users can send to a friend over WhatsApp or just simple message. There are some of the aspects of Spotify’s social features that aren’t quite so good. Users can follow artists, which helps keep the recommendation system, but it is not so helpful and is of limited use at some points.

Offline Syncing

Users can download playlists and albums inside Spotify to protect themselves against network outrages, but users can only do so with three separate devices at a time. A fourth device will again bring access to their first device without a single warning something worth considering if the user using a laptop, phone, tablet and more.

How many tracks can users sync in Spotify? We have never actually reached the limit ourselves, but users get up to 3,333 tracks per device, for a total of 9,999.

Even at the bad quality that many songs will take up a chunk of their phone’s internal storage, so it is worth bearing in mind before users go on an offline syncing space.

Download Spotify Premium APK Update 2019

Application Name: Spotify premium
Current Version: 8.529.9
File Size: 26.09 MB
Uploaded on: October 14, 2019
Requires Android: Varies with device

Click here to download APK File

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