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Download Sultan Forces APK for Android from the link provided below. Sultan Forces is a strategy game which is developed and offered by ONEMT LIMITED. ONEMT is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming publishers from China. It has published many popular games and this time it is releasing the most awaited strategy game Sultan Forces.

Sultan Forces is a game which is based on multi-civilization war. The war game based on strategy as in general if you want to win the war you need to make some specific strategy against your enemies. The game comes with beautiful middle-eastern cultures in high-quality graphics which makes it look like you’re into the ancient times in middle-eastern culture. The gameplay has exceeded expectations of the players just looking at the super powerful graphics and sound quality.

The game id full strategy where you need to fight against your enemies and how you are going to survive this war with less wealth and the fight is just not limited to land it’s for wealth you need to search for resources as well which is the most important part for survival. The game is not limited you will have endless experience of middle-eastern war.

Download Sultan Forces

The game is based on demons and djinns lands where people are in the threat of getting their world over into the darkness. People living in this land are threatened every day by invaders that they will turn their lovely world into darkness. People living there of different civilization are locked up into the madness of war. Sultan is basically an Arabic word which means strength, rulership, and authority in a more solid these three qualities are must so sultan Forces is an army which has these three qualities to fight against and free the civilized people from darkness.

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In this game, you need to prove yourself that you’re sufficient to free the world from darkness providing the kingdom sand, ocean, air and freeing them from armies of demons, thieves, gunners and many more in the battle. You will not be fighting just against the demon armies there will be lot many more which will be coming in your way so that you won’t be able to free the civilized people from these demons. However, you need to prove yourself with your strategies on how you will be fighting and providing the goods to the people for their survival. You will be leading the Sultan Forces as a captain and your armies need to follow the instruction that you have instructed.

Lots of challenges will be coming in your way, so don’t dither to take up new challenges. The new challenges will make you and your army strong which will help you to win the war.

Download Sultan Forces APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Sultan Forces
Current Version:
File Size:46.5 MB
Uploaded on:June 09, 2019
Requires Android:4.4 and up

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Features of the game:

• Three Civilizations: Your kingdom is of three things sand, air, and ocean each thing has its own characteristics and beautiful scenery that depicts how glorious middle-eastern culture was. Here you need to collect the resources and train troops to show your power and intelligence of your civilization to the whole world.
• Skillful Battle: While selecting your soldiers you need to be very careful you need every type of skills and formation which is the only thing is going to help you to fight against demons armies. You will need to combine many things in one like research of military, strong bond in the army, diplomacy that is well constructed which can resist your enemy armies.
• Heroes: There are many characters from the middle-eastern war like violent Sinbad, sharp-minded Ala Aldeen, loyal Ali Baba to lead this adventurous war. They will be beside you to help you in the war as you will be facing lots of challenges in this war and you need someone tactful is beside you.
• Raising Djinns: To raise the kingdom you will be needing Water, fire, wood, sand, and wind there are elements which need to raise Djinns and which will help you in the war.
• Alliance War: Allow yourself to play the war with players from all over the world. Players from all over the world will have different strategies and power which will help you to win the war.

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To download Sultan Forces you need to a smartphone that has an android operating system version 4.4 or above.

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