Tales of Wind

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Download Tales of Wind Game APK Update 2019 for Android from the link provided below. The modern gaming industry has been becoming bigger day by day and has been including various categories of games which are been popular. One such category is the game based on famous TV series and shows. Players who are a fan of the series are always blown up by the game. They connect with the storyline as well as with the characters and that makes the game much successful. In today’s article, we will discuss one such popular game which has been brought to different platforms.

One new game in the race is the Tales of the wind. This game is based on the famous Chinese Tales of wind series which is very popular and thrilling series among Chinese as well as other country’s viewers too. This game takes us to a simpler time.

This came consists of a very rich VA cast! The stories of all the characters are worth reading and very interesting. It is all about unraveling the ancient powers of the ancient superpowers and mastering them. Be safe, as there are so many protectors and evil spirits, ghosts and foul characters which are a hurdle to us, and we need to pass through them and knock them down and make our way to the unveiling of the ancient superpowers to vanish and destroy all the evil spirits.

The best part of the game is the characters and their interesting story which makes our gaming experience more interesting and greater. We are going to dive in the ancient world to get access and discovering of the superpowers which have got invincible abilities. We can also level up our characters and upgrade our weapons to get better and go ahead in the game and the storyline of the Tales of the wind.

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Tales of Wind

This is not an open-world game, it has been made as a purpose-focused game we there is no worry of getting lost and the direction for going ahead in the game is clear. Plus this game is made available on Android as well as mac iOS operating system which is an advantage to the players as the game is now easily available and they can play wherever they want.


The game takes you to a different time, you are in a city named La Place. This city once used to be blessed by the divines and was also fulfilled with superpowers and immense peace is now under a severe attack of the enemies. The enemies are not mortal! They are evil spirits and ghosts.

The four characters are the saviors as well as destructors of the city’s supernatural powers. The evil spirits are taking control of the city and we are the saviors of the city and our job is to destroy and wipe out the spirits of the town as they can be devastating once they take hold of the superpowers. The experience is soothing. We can customize our self with various outfits. The characters are cute and they represent the storyline very well.

We can equip various cards of power and transform. We need to take the help of the villagers and unleash the superpowers. Go down to the tombs and defeat the evil spirits. We can catch the monsters in the power cards and gain superpowers. By gaining the superpowers we can help the town by bringing back the light to the town as the monsters and the evil spirits have been bringing the town in the darkness of the evil spirits.

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We can also capture cute pets and travel with them on the journey further as they help us in our further game. The power cards play an important role in the game. We can capture the monsters in the cards. Once we capture them, we gain superpower. We can use the superpower to transform into monsters to find against the spirits.

We can team up with our friends to explore the world and cities. it requires a good team co-operation to deal with this well-designed PVE dungeons.
There are various types of game modes in which we can play, for example, racing, shooting, quiz and also more than 20 other different casual games.

One more interesting part of the game is that we meet our love, our soul mates in the game. We encounter with our partners and we can complete 2 player tasks with our courage and pearls of wisdom. Then we can pledge to love in the church with the priest and manage and take controls of a farm and peacefully work upon it which is meant only for us too.

In the multiplayer mode, we can complete the kingdom missions and hence promote the cause of history.

Download Tales of Wind Game APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name: Disorder
Current Version: 2.0.9
File Size: 48.5 MB
Uploaded on: September 15, 2019
Requires Android: Android 4.3

Click here to download APK file

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