Download Traffic Rider

Download Traffic Rider 1.61 APK for Android from the link provided below. Traffic Rider is a racing game which is published by Soner Kara, a very popular game creator which has developed popular games like Traffic Racer which is played by millions of players. This time Soner Kara comes with such an experience which you have never dreamed off.

The game comes with more detailed experience with old-school fun activities and simplicity. This motorbike game comes with world-class 3D graphics which will take you to another level of motorbike gaming. The graphics quality and the sound quality, this combination will make you feel like you’re relay riding a motorbike and taking a part in racing.

Download Traffic Rider

The Traffic Rider will allow you to take part in the endless racing genre with whole new experience. This new experience will be added to this game with a new game career mode.

It will feature first-person view perspective which will be coming with top graphics and the sound quality is truly amazing, the sound Traffic Rider is experience is recorded is the real bike sound which gives extra points to make it more realistic. You will be amazed at the smooth racing experience it has designed and packed with detail where you will not face any hassle while playing, game hanging, and bugs these kinds of problems are miles away from Traffic Rider.

Here Players will be riding their own bike and moving through heavy traffic passing through roads and crossing heavy loaded trucks, cars, bikes, and other vehicles. This is a game you will fall in love and get addicted to it through a single play.

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Download Traffic Rider

The players will be getting tasks on a daily basis and weekly basis which players need to complete it and they will be rewarded. With these reward points, players will be able to upgrade and buy new bikes, all the available bikes will have different types of power and skills. Different bikes will have different skills so players can use different bikes and experience them with Traffic Rider.

The Traffic Rider is a racing game so you ride faster you will score more if you want to score max you need to ride your bike very fast. When you driving your bike over 100 km/h and players overtake traffic cars very closely, players will get bonus scores and cash which will help players to upgrade the bike. There is another way to get extra points, if players driving in opposite directions, like in two ways it will provide you extra score and cash. Another tip to get extra points and cash is to do wheelies.


• Traffic Rider will be featuring first-person camera view for a more realistic effect.
• A vast variety of bikes, there are 29 bikes you can choose your bike from these available options.
• It has real motorbike recorded sound to make you feel, you’re riding in reality.
• Best graphics with a detailed environment which comes with day and night variations.
• In career mode, it will be featuring more than 70 missions for endless racing.
• Players will be able to see their ranks on the leaderboard which will be awarded through more than 30 achievements.

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Download Traffic Rider APK – Latest Update 2019

Application Name:Traffic Rider
File Size:79.9 MB
Version Name:1.61
Updated On:June 09. 2019
Requires Android4.0 and up

Download Traffic Rider APK Here

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