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Download VidMate APK for Android from the link provided below. For every internet user in today’s time, entertainment is one of the biggest sectors for their everyday routine. Among them watching videos is one of the major Priorities for a user for his/her entertainment as well as knowledge.

About Vidmate

There are many entertainment websites that provide a lot of videos for our entertainment, but what if we want them to store them offline on our device? So here comes the king of all entertainment apps! VidMate video downloader.

Vidmate is now the most downloaded video downloading the app because of its enormous features which make it most ahead in the race. It can download a video from a variety of online plate forms like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Met cafe, and many more along with WhatsApp n Instagram status content too, so a user is free and relaxed to get any video saved on their device memory. Further, it provides a range of quality to the user according to their choice from mp3, 3gp to full HD. Users can also download audio from a video clip.

The usage and interface are also a point of strength for this app as a small pop-up button appears on the right bottom of the screen whenever a video is accessed by the user and within seconds the downloading starts taking minimum efforts from the user. Apart from downloading videos, VidMate also provides movies and TV shows to the users making it an all in one entertainment package. So, users don’t need to go anywhere else, VidMate does that all for them!

Download VidMate

The key features are listed below:

  • It is absolutely free to download and use
    Users only need to download and install this app for free. It has no charges, it does the work of many other apps which might charge a user but VidMate does it all at zero cost!
  • It provides a video downloading facility from almost all online platforms
    Users can download videos from many platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Met cafe and many others without a problem with great ease
  • Gives a variety of quality of Media to be downloaded
    Users can download as many videos they want in a variety of formats like mp3, 3gp, and quality ranging from 144p to 1080p and full HD. A video can also be downloaded in the form of audio and it gets stored in the memory of the Device without further requirements of the internet.
  • Provides the latest movies and TV series to be downloaded for free.
    VidMate has got an awesome collection of movies and TV series. It offers popular and latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies for users to download and watch for free. While making it so easy for users, those who like to watch their favorite movies for free with so much ease. Users can also watch their favorite and popular TV series from VidMate and download them on their devices.
  • Gives an authenticated and Easiest interface to the users taking zero effort.
    Vidmate provides a very easy to use environment and interface to its users. Users can download and video by pasting its link in VidMate, he/she can also surf it directly from VidMate, and a download shortcut pop up button is also available, so there is nothing much complexity about this app it’s completely user-friendly.
  • No trouble from ads
    Many apps trouble the users by presenting a no of ads very frequently which makes working with them very difficult, Vidmate does the work of all those apps and provides add’s a free and trouble-free environment.
  • Provides music section also with the extremely good collection
    VidMate has also got a large collection of Music for its users with a variety of genres. Users can listen and download unlimited music on Vidmate online.
  • supports different languages
    Vidmate makes its contents available for the users in different languages too.
  • Users can also download many other apps from Vidmate.
    VidMate has got an application section also which has got a lot of apps that can be downloaded from Vidmate in all genres.
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Download VidMate APK For Android – Latest Version

Application Name: VidMate
Current Version: 4.4508
File Size: 18.2 MB
Uploaded on: December 07, 2020
Requires Android: Android 4.4 and up

Click here to download the APK file

What’s new in v4.4508?

The newest version of Vidmate has updated its performance with high speed and authentication. Vidmate has got zero garbage data. It gives users an update of what’s new and what’s popular among apps, videos, movies, status, and music. It has got a vast collection and genre of videos n music n movies according to the choice of users.

Users can now access videos online and like or comment on them by just signing in. The collection and genre of content in Vidmate have also been made larger and vast for users.
Vidmate has also added a free file share option in the latest version through which users can share files and data with each other through Vidmate!

So, it is not just an application, it is a new platform that supports and gives access to all other platforms, and users are just a tap away to access everything they need!

How to use Vidmate

Vidmate is the easiest and most trouble-free interface for users. All we need to do is to download the app from its website and install it on our device for free. Since it is a third-party app so it is not available on Google Play, we can download it from its website to our device.
Then on opening the app, there are different ways to download our preferred video without any hassle.

  • We can browse the video through Vidmate itself and on opening the video it will show a download option where we can select the download quality of our choice.
  • We can also paste the link of the video directly into Vidmate and download the content.
  • Even if we aren’t on Vidmate, we see a quick pop up download button on the right bottom side of our screen from where we can download the video directly with the greatest ease.
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