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Download WA Tweaker 1.4.8 APK For Whatsapp from the link provided below. Whatsapp is one of the popular messaging apps all over the world. Day by day WhatsApp is coming with more interesting features which are making it much more popular and interesting as the days are passing.

This is the easiest way to get in touch or connect with your family members through Whatsapp calling and the video calling is a feature which makes you feel you are with your family and in reality, you’re miles away from them.

There are many more features which were introduced to the users like stickers was the one thing for which Whatsapp was lagging behind from another available messaging app, these stickers were looked so cool and make the chat more interesting.

Whatsapp has recently added this feature with some pre-installed stickers and it will have another feature which let you download some stickers you want from PlayStore and you can even design your own stickers and add it to the PlayStore so that everyone can enjoy your designed stickers.

Other new features are like now you can chat over a message in a group personally to the person who has to send the message to the group. You can even make a call to the Whatsapp group directly.

The recent feature which was introduced is like you can lock your only WhatsApp screen as in security purpose directly from privacy settings now you need not to download any third party app to have this feature. There are many other features which are available in the list of Whatsapp feature which makes it Worlds best messaging app.

To unlock some hidden WhatsApp features the new app has been developed which is known as WA Tweaker. This app was developed by Alex193a, the main motto to develop this app is to provide some more mesmerizing features which were hidden and using this app you will be able to unlock those hidden features making your Whatsapp experience fantabulous.

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Once the hidden features will be unlocked using WA Tweaker it will make Whatsapp more interesting and convenient to be used. The app is basically available for Android users which will let you experience those hidden features. This is not the only feature which you can experience with WA Tweaker, another feature is that it will let you know about the daily updates for your Whatsapp.

These updates are like regular check which will take care for you whether there is some new updates are available or not. If there is an update available it will notify you with the new features which will be coming with new Whatsapp update.

The app is very simple to be used with a simplified view which you can use this app with super ease, you need not do any kind of work over this app learn how it works.

Download WA Tweaker APK – Latest Version 2019

Application Name: WA Tweaker
File Size: 7.29 MB
Updated On: September 16, 2019
Current Version: 1.4.8
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Click here to download APK File

Now let us get in detail about WA Tweaker for Whatsapp features and know how it works.

WA Tweaker Features

• This app will let you use all those hidden features, which you have not experienced before as you were not aware of those features were available in Whatsapp.

• last seen is sometimes good which will help you to see your loved one last seen when they were using Whatsapp for the last time if you’re in hurry get a reply. At the same time last seen is used to stalk on kids and other people which many people don’t like and they turn off their last seen. But due to some reason if you have to turn on your last seen if someone asked to do so you’re in a bad situation.

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WA Tweakers comes with a feature where you can freeze your last seen, where other people will see the last seen at the time you have frozen it, now you can turn on and fool other with your freeze last seen time.

• You can disable every kind of indicator which gives a hint to the other person who is on chat. You can disable read receipts, delivery reports, typing indicator, recording indicator.

• One of the interesting features is anti-recall messages which will remind you to reply at a particular time with an alarm.

• You can lock your WhatsApp with a code, no one would be able to use your WhatsApp without your permission.

• You can easily now turn off big emojis which annoys you.

• You can save the status of your contacts which you like and use it in your messages or status.

• With WA Tweaker you can have increased word limit for your status, which let you improve your status quality.

• Increase group description which let you put a good description for your Whatsapp Group.

• With WA Tweaker you can send big sized media which is a drawback for WhatsApp.

• You can add unlimited no of peoples to your group, where WhatsApp has a no limit to add people to one group.

• You can now even chat with non-addressed book contacts without any hassle.

WA Tweaker will let you recall messages without any time limit.

• It will let you hide tabs and Archive messages adding one more security to your WhatsApp chats.

• You can even change the fonts and toolbar color with lots of elements where you can change the color as per you’re like.

There are many other features which need to be added in the list, but these were some interesting features which everyone should get aware of.

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