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WhatsApp Business for Android

Whatsapp is probably the most widely used messenger of the entire messaging app and the king of communication. It gained popularity since the beginning of android applications.

In almost every smartphone across the globe, we will find the WhatsApp messenger installed. It has got over a billion users across the globe. It has always gradually introduced more and more updates and functions in itself to keep satisfying the modern needs of communication.

But despite the huge success of the messenger everywhere, it is still limited to its original purpose that is the communication between the personal communities. Though we can connect with anyone using WhatsApp the talks on WhatsApp are not professional yet. So here is a step taken by WhatsApp to extend its messaging application for professional purposes too. Whatsapp has introduced WhatsApp business for business agreements and talks between two companies.

Now it has become the messaging system for communication between companies and their clients. It is equipped with a series of functions with which two companies or clients can communicate and lead their conversation in the right direction with ease. It makes the communication and conversation of business more efficient and easy.

There was a time when we never imagine that companies will make deals and conversants like this but the WhatsApp business has made it possible with ease and efficiency. We can use WhatsApp business application on the same device despite having different personal and business contact no. so the WhatsApp business separates our personal and business accounts and manages both of them well enough.

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Features of WhatsApp Business:

Whatsapp Business is a perfect extension version of Whatsapp presented by WhatsApp itself to separate personal and business welfares. The following are the features listed of WhatsApp business which tells how you get the customization and management section for a business profile on WhatsApp business:

We can create a business profile/company profile. now on our created profile, our customers and clients can all types of useful information like the webpage, their location, contact information, description.
We can also register a landline without needing any second mobile number. With our WhatsApp business account, we can support a landline connection as well for better management.
There are built-in keyword messages or corporate messages which are available to be used in the welcoming or making an expression for absence for any client or customer or other company.
There is clean and easy compatibility between the business and messenger on the same mobile phone or the same device.
We can also link our business to our computer device by using the WhatsApp web. By using this app, we can communicate with our clients and costumes using our comfort as WhatsApp web allows us to link the WhatsApp account in our mobile phone to our computer. So the WhatsApp business also supports the WhatsApp web which makes our work and business much easier and better handling.

Download WhatsApp Business APK 2021

Application Name: WhatsApp Business
File Size: 31.23 MB
Updated On: January 6, 2021
Current Version:
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3 and up
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Click here to download WhatsApp Business APK

WhatsApp business – Main Features:

The new update of WhatsApp business brings us more improvements and bug fixes and new features as listed below:

1. The filter of chat lists: the chats are filtered for quick redraw. We can quickly find and redraw the chat required using the chat filter of Whatsapp business update.

2. We can create short links and share with the clients and costumes: as there are much communication and information sharing in a business workplace, so WhatsApp business update allows us to create short links, which will drive the customer and clients to a specific information place. So we can create short links and can also share them among our clients and costumes.

3. There is also a new feature presented in the WhatsApp web. We can label chats and make easy filtering of the chats to find and adjust our chat display. We can view the label indicators and also filter by labels. This option is available in the chat filtering icon in the WhatsApp web section. Filtering by groups, by unread messages, or my podcasts is not available on the WhatsApp web.

So this was about this app. It is a great app to manage business messaging as WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app so we can get enough contacts required using this app. So it is a great extension version of WhatsApp presented which is going to be used by many companies. for more information and the information related to the latest, applications stay tuned to!


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