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Download WhatsApp APK for Android, the latest update 2021 from the link provided below. To give readers all the updates we have to bring you “Download WhatsApp for Windows/Mac OS/Android”.

WhatsApp APK For Android

Whatsapp is no. 1 free messaging app, more than 1 billion people are using this app. It is one of the most reliable, secure messaging and calling app which supports an end to end encryption.

People can speak freely through calling, share their live location with their family member, video calling helps people to have a face-to-face conversation even if they are in a different county, and this is the major volumetric benefit so we have brought you. People can also share PDF’s and the document with this application easily. Whatsapp group is fantabulous, by these people can stay in touch with many people at the same time.

The best part is people can name their group, customize notification as per their preference. They can transfer all their chats to their computers with the help of the Whatsapp web feature. By this, they can use WhatsApp on any device which is most convenient for them.

A cross-platform messaging, freeware, and voice over internet protocol app which is not hidden from most of the world is the application owned by Facebook. There is rarely anyone who is not a user of this famous application called WhatsApp which allows sending a text message, voice calls over the internet, video calls over the internet only, images, videos, and documents.

This application is mainly used over smartphones but can also be accessed by desktop computers and laptops. This app just uses the standard mobile number, creates an account, and there you go free to enjoy all the benefits of this all in one app.

This app also allows you to either chat or call an individual or a group of individuals. This app provides service to a large scale of users successfully for over 10 years free of cost. This app is available on a number of platforms like iOS, android, windows, Symbian, and blackberry. It is also called the ‘son of Facebook’. Now WhatsApp has grown in many parts of the world and you just have to download it for free and enjoy the services.

Facebook is also a very popular communicating and news source application, but people are using WhatsApp to share information with their friends and family. Facebook has owned Whatsapp to discuss the events, which the Reuters Institute found.

Now, the use of Facebook is down to 9% from 2017 in the U.S and for the younger audience, it’s down to 20% according to the Reuters Institute survey of people in 37 markets approximately. Today Twitter and Facebook are used by many people to discover news, but people feel less vulnerable while using Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was bought in 2014 by Facebook, but today people are giving more importance to Whatsaap, they feel more comfortable while using it as compared to Facebook. People found new on Facebook but still, they discuss that over Whatsapp groups with their close friends. Today in 2018, Whatsapp is using for news from approximately half of the sample in Brazil that means 48% approx. and by around a third of the sample in Turkey, that means 30% approx. People believe in Whatsapp news or information more as compared to Facebook.


Whatsapp will be featuring a new update that will start labeling forward messages. The company has added a new “Forward” tag on those messages which will be forwarded to someone. In India, Whatsapp is mostly used to forward daily greetings and video calling. According to reports, these forwarded messages and spam messages are the major cause of low memory space in Indian user smartphones.

The major advantage feature “Forward” tag will be that, as in WhatsApp group chats get particularly crowded by these forwarded greetings and news. So this feature will let the receiver distinguish between the real and the forwarded messages. People can now save themselves from getting spam messages.

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This new “Forward” tag feature cannot be turned off, like the “Blue Tick” feature. With the “Forward” tag feature we will get to know that the messages real or forwarded by just looking at the forward tag on the top of the message which we will receive. The messages that don’t have a forward tag are original messages.

Look at recent updates in 2021

WhatsApp has been considered one of the most reliable and safe apps to communicate with people nowadays. It is in a way social and anti-social both as only the person who knows you and has your contact number can message you. After the app was acquired by Facebook Corporation it has really developed at a faster rate than expected.

It has been adding new features and gathering more users than that before. Over the whole year of 2019, the app drew much attention because of its amazing features added to make the users happy. This had made users go more on WhatsApp and be engaged in enjoying it. WhatsApp is counted in 2019 to be having about monthly 1.5 billion users, that too only active.

The app is now said to include much bigger features and updates than ever in the January updated version. The app has some new really cool features to offer this time. It is heard that the chat company has been working really hard on something big. It is still the most popular messaging app on the planet and this reason might be the chat app company’s regular updates and exciting new features. It always keeps on refining the experience of the users. Although, no such announcement has been confirmed by the company here are a few things which we may see in the coming update of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp – Main Features

So here are some of them the users can expect and are rumored of.

  • The universal PiP mode for the videos
    As we all are aware of in 2021 WhatsApp included a feature called the PiP feature or the picture in picture feature which became quite popular. This feature allowed the user to share any viewed video directly from Facebook and YouTube and the user can let the screen split screen in two and can see the video while chatting to the person on WhatsApp. This had a small floating window by the side and this helped to enjoy the chat while watching videos.
    What is interesting and new this year? It’s heard that WhatsApp will not only allow sharing the video from Facebook or youtube but a video shared even by a third party from any source even in the form of mp4 will be allowed to utilize the benefit.
  • The fingerprint authentication.
    Even after using so much or privacy measures over WhatsApp, it is still being targeted largely upon privacy. Thereafter leaks suggest that the company has increased security by adding biometrics in it and this feature works to protect the chats from unwanted and outsider’s access. In this feature, the app will ask you for your fingerprint as identity proof every time you enter the app.
    Earlier before a two-step verification code was asked often randomly to check the identity but now fingerprints will be asked. There is also news that if you fail to give the biometric correctly you will be asked for your phone password to unlock the app. It is reportedly said that the feature was first tested on an iPhone and will roll out probably sooner after the complete development.
  • The dark mode.
    It is a highly anticipated and highly wanted among these days. The app is said to include the dark mode feature for the convenience of the users and it may arrive soon. Since Facebook is also bringing that feature shortly it is quite obvious that it may strike WhatsApp soon. This feature changes how the screen of the smartphone looks when it comes to the presence of dark. This will help to reduce the pain or strain in the eyes by making the color of the screen look more eyes soothing. These features might also help smartphones with OLED screens to save some battery usage over the app. Above all this feature might save many eyes.
  •  The group video call button.
    Though, the feature is already out for the users of Android beta. But it might get out for all with the recent update coming. This is a very cool way to get connected to all by video call at the same time.
    This allows you to choose your group of friends or only some of them to have a group video call with them. It has also got an option to switch between video and voice calls if you want to hide your face in some instances. Although it only allows 3 people right now it is said that it will be revised soon. Apple has a limit of 32 people and Google duo allows about 8 people so it makes sense for WhatsApp to release this feature as soon as possible.
  • The redeveloped audio files section.
    It has been heard that WhatsApp is said to be working on the revising of the section of audio files.
    This may allow you to send about 30 files altogether, like never before, at once. The app has limited the current use by just one at a time.
    This is an interesting one as earlier people used to get exhausted by doing that same thing again and again which will now be sorted. This new feature will also allow you to see the preview of the files before you send it not like earlier which used to get sent directly and there was hardly any way to delete it.
  • The playing of voice messages continuously.
    This feature comes as an angel to those who love to exchange voice messages rather than believing in typing it. Their laziness is getting a new tool for this feature. It allows you to continuously play each and every voice mail you receive. Currently, you have to separately click and open each and every voice message to hear that but now you have no worries for this feature will automatically do it for you.
  • Media preview.
    As many of the people do not want to open a chat but see what the chat holds on, for them as they earlier used to see text messages but could not see the media files can now reach up to them with the notification tab.
    All you have to do is to expand the notification tray and you will be able to see the sent media along with the text.
  • The sticker search.
    With the feature coming out last year of searching the emoji by its name, it became popular as well as very familiar among the users. Emojis are a way to express your mood without actually expressing it but with the help of a sticker. This feature is attractive as it will help to get the appropriate sticker by just writing it in the search box and the possible options will appear. This is heaven for those who love the sticker.
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Download WhatsApp APK Version 2021

Application Name: WhatsApp
Current Version:
File Size: 31.24 MB
Uploaded on: January 6, 2021
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3

Click Here to Download APK File

This new feature is only available on the version. The new feature is only available for Android not for the Web or iOS version. This new feature will help you a lot by saving you from spam messages and news and secondly it will definitely save a lot of storage on your smartphone.

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