Download WhatsApp for Windows/Mac OS/Android

Download WhatsApp for Windows/Mac OS/Android

Download WhatsApp APK for Android | Latest v2.18.251

To give readers all the updates we have to bring you “Download WhatsApp for Windows/Mac OS/Android”.Whatsapp is no. 1 free messaging app, more than 1 billion people are using this app. It is one of the most reliable, secure messaging and calling app which supports an end to end encryption.

People can speak freely though calling, sare their live location with their family member, video calling helps people to have face to face conversation even if they are in the different county, and this is the major volumetric benefit so we have brought you. People can also share PDF’s and the document with this application easily. Whatsapp group is fantabulous, by this people can stay in touch with many people at the same time.

The best part is people can name their group, customize notification as per their preference. They can transfer all their chats to their computer with the help of Whatsapp web feature. By this, they can use WhatsApp on any device which is most convenient for them.

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Facebook is also very popular communicating and news source application, but people are using WhatsApp to share information with their friends and family. The Facebook has owned Whatsapp to discuss the events, which the Reuters Institute found.

Now, the use of Facebook is down to 9% from 2017 in the U.S and for the younger audience, it’s down to 20% according to Reuters Institute survey of people in 37 markets approximately. Today Twitter and Facebook are used by many people to discover news, but people feel less vulnerable while using the Whatsapp.

Download WhatsApp APK for Android | Latest v2.18.251

Whatsapp was bought in 2014 by Facebook, but today people are giving more importance to Whatsaap, they feel more comfortable while using it as compared to Facebook. People found new on the Facebook but still, they discuss that over Whatsapp groups with their close friends. Today in 2018, the Whatsapp is using for news from approximately half of the sample in Brazil that means 48% approx. and by around a third of the sample in Turkey, that means 30% approx. People believe in Whatsapp news or information more as compared to Facebook.

Download WhatsApp APK for Android | Latest v2.18.251

WhatsApp APK v2.18.295 Details
Application WhatsApp Messenger
File Namewhatsapp-218295.apk
Version Name2.18.295
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.0.3
Updated On26-September-2018
Total Size39.83 MB

Download APK

Whatsapp will be featuring a new update that will start labeling forward messages. The company has added a new “Forward” tag on those messages which will be forwarded to someone. In India, Whatsapp is mostly used to forward daily greetings and video calling. According to reports, these forwarded messages and spam messages are the major cause for low memory space in Indian user smartphones.

The major advantage feature “Forward” tag will be that, as in WhatsApp group chats get particularly crowded by these forwarded greetings and news. So this feature will let the receiver distinguish between the real and the forwarded messages. People can now save themselves from getting spam messages.

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This new “Forward” tag feature cannot be turned off, like “Blue Tick” feature. With “Forward” tag feature we will get to know that the messages real or forwarded by just looking at the forward tag on the top of the message which we will receive. The messages that don’t have a forward tag are original messages.

This new feature is only available on the 2.18.295 version. The new feature is only available for Android not for the Web or iOS version. This new feature will help you a lot by saving you from spam messages and news and secondly it will definitely save a lot of storage on your smartphone.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and the latest news.

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