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Download WhatsApp Mix APK Update for Android 2020 from the link provided below. WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger of all the messaging app and the king of the connection between people across the world.

About WhatsApp Mix

It has been popular since the beginning of android applications. In almost every smartphone in the world, we will find the WhatsApp messenger installed. It has got over a billion users across the globe. The developers of WhatsApp have always gradually introduced more and more updates and functions in itself to keep improving the application and satisfying the modern needs of communication. However, we frequently come across different MOD versions of WhatsApp. The modded version improves and extent few functions of WhatsApp and makes it excellent for a few particular functions.

The most popular and used MOD versions of WhatsApp are WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, etc. These versions of WhatsApp have improved abilities and offer interesting functions to the users eliminating the few limitations of WhatsApp in few areas. The modded versions of WhatsApp gives the developers ideas about how the most used messaging application should function and provide facilities to the users.

One such new version of WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Mix. It comes with a variety of features offering the users endless facilities and comfort. We can customize a lot of things in this version of WhatsApp. This application is an amazing version of WhatsApp filled with all the required and desired features from the users. One of the most amazing parts of this version of WhatsApp is that with this we can customize almost everything. its flexibility serves as a really attractive feature. So, this version of WhatsApp brings in the most wanted improvements.

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Features of WhatsApp Mix:

WhatsApp doesn’t entirely change the functioning of the root processes of WhatsApp, but what it does is that it brings in small changes to the functions of WhatsApp which are facing few limitations.so the WhatsApp mix eliminates the limitations and makes it far more interesting to use.

The following are the features of WhatsApp Mix.

  • We have the possibility to hide our last seen time and that too without seeing the latest connection times of our contacts.
  • New privacy modes. This new application has provided more privacy modes to the users. We can manage that chats from different contacts according to our preferences.
  • Anti-ban security features. WhatsApp mix also introduces an anti-ban feature for its users.
  • Option to modify the style of the checks and chat bubbles. As mentioned before also, it comes with excellent flexibility. We can customize the style and display of the checks, themes, and chat bubbles.
  • It brings us access to a theme server to download new ones. There are unlimited themes available for WhatsApp mix from its theme server. We can download the theme server and get many different themes for our WhatsApp app.
  • Stats and counts for groups. This version of WhatsApp counts the number of groups and sates it to us.
  • We can also hide chats. In WhatsApp mix and maintain privacy. Just tap and hold on the chats and go for this feature.
  • There are a large number of themes to customize the application.
  • Stats and counts for groups.
  • We can send larger videos than in the original WhatsApp. We often face the problem in WhatsApp when it comes to sharing media. WhatsApp mix solves the problem of media transfer. We can send larger video in WhatsApp mix than the original WhatsApp.
  • We can now enlarge the size of our WhatsApp status using WhatsApp Mix. This version of WhatsApp allows us to write statuses of up to 250 characters instead of just 139.
  • Another problem that we face while transferring media in the original WhatsApp is that it limits the number of photos to send at one time. Now using WhatsApp mix we can send up to 90 images at the same time.
  • Using WhatsApp mix we can hide our name and the time when we copy and forward messages that are larger in size, i.e. more than one line long.
  • One more privacy feature of this application is that we can change the app’s icon and notification icons, in this way we can maintain privacy according to our choice to the best extent.
  • We can copy the statuses of our friends by using this app.
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Download WhatsApp Mix APK – Latest Version 2020

Application Name: WhatsApp Mix
Current Version: 11.0.0
File Size: 42 MB
Uploaded on: September 30, 2020
Requires Android: Android 4.3

Click here to download APK File

What’s new in the latest version: 

The latest version of WhatsApp mix has some new features as mentioned below:
1. It is based on the official version of WhatsApp.
2. There are new status styles available.
3. New attachment styles are available in the new version.
4. We can now view the deleted status of our friends.

So, this was the most featured modded version of WhatsApp. For more information stay connected to www.thinkgsm.com!


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