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Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version 2021 for Android from the link provided below.

WhatsApp Plus APK For Android

WhatsApp is the highest used chatting application nowadays. It was first started by Janoum in 2009. WhatsApp plus is the modified version of the WhatsApp application including the advanced features. It was developed in the year 201 by RalFause.

WhatsApp plus is having many exciting features like people can hide online status, hide blue ticks, send large files, have lots of new stylish themes, etc. By using WhatsApp plus application people can chat in offline mode and can perform many exciting features. The difference between the official WhatsApp application and WhatsApp plus is you can do many exciting things with WhatsApp plus which is not available with official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus Main Features:

WhatsApp plus the updated version have a Video call option, people can hide the blue ticks even after you read or seen the messages. Hide online status, people can hide online status so it will not be shown online to your friends. You can also send large files, it allows you to send large files by changing their size limit. There are many options to change the quality and size of the file.

WhatsApp has a feature of Anti-Ban which means it cannot ban you from using the plus application. Hide last seen, people cannot see what was your last seen or when the last you were active on WhatsApp. It comes with various stylish themes which makes it even look better.

You can change them according to your choice and preference, you can even change the conversation style in the application. Hide date as well as time, the new exciting feature in WhatsApp plus is you can hide the date and time while copying the text and messages. Hide message notification, you can also hide the notification of the messages, people usually give their mobile phones to many people so by hiding the notification they will not be able to see the messages.

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We can choose the notification which we want to hide. You can add more than 500 people in broadcast, the latest WhatsApp plus allows you to add more than 500 members instead of 250 members, by this you can send messages to all your friends at the same time. Complete backup, this great feature in WhatsApp plus allows people to take the backup completely.

After uninstalling the app and you want to reinstall it, and then we don’t need to do the whole registration process. We only need to click on the restore button for restoring all our previous chats and our contacts without doing the complete registration process again.

WhatsApp Plus Download for Android | Anti-Ban

Download WhatsApp Plus

In WhatsApp plus there is a configuration setting by which you can compress the videos as well as audio while sending it. The limit of status videos is increased in the latest WhatsApp Plus version. Copy status to the clipboard, when we see our friend’s status and we want to update the same status, now we just need to click on our friend’s status we need to copy, by this, we can easily update that status.

Now we don’t need to write the whole status, we can simply copy it and update our status. The updated version of WhatsApp plus has the new feature which comes with In-Built lock, in this, you can lock their WhatsApp easily without using any third-party application. But WhatsApp plus doesn’t require any third-party application.

Another advanced feature of WhatsApp plus is the status limit is increased, In WhatsApp plus we can update status character up to 225 characters. And in WhatsApp original, there is only 139 character status allowed.

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You can also change the launcher Icons, The icons of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus application are the same, so you might be confused with it. With WhatsApp’s new feature now you can change the launcher icons.

You can send the files of any format, with this new feature of WhatsApp plus you can send the zip and text files also. But in official WhatsApp, you can only send doc, pdf, Xls, pptx files. With all-new WhatsApp plus people can block audio calls and video calls. And with the official WhatsApp, there are more chances of getting spam calls.

The latest versions of WhatsApp plus have the feature of Anti- revoke messages from these people who cannot delete the sent messages. For iPhone, WhatsApp plus is not available it is available for Android smartphones only.

WhatsApp Plus APK – Latest Version 2021

Application Name: WhatsApp Plus
Current Version: 14.00.0
File Size: 42.1 MB
Uploaded on: January 06, 2021
Requires Android: Android 4.3

Click here to download APK File

Installation Guide for Latest Version:

Step 1: Firstly download the latest APK file.
Step 2: Now, take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data for the future. To do so, open WhatsApp, click on the settings, and then click chats at the last click on the backup. It will take around a few seconds to minutes to complete the backup process.
Step 3: Now, uninstall the official WhatsApp application by going to the settings- then to apps- WhatsApp – and then uninstall.
Step 4: Now, install the downloaded application WhatsApp plus and open it.
Step 5: Then it will ask you to enter your mobile number and verify it using a one-time password.
Step 6: Now, enter other asked details like your name, profile picture, and here you go the app is ready to use WhatsApp plus on your device.

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