Word Swipe Puzzle

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Download Word Swipe Puzzle Game APK Update for Android from the link provided below. Want to have a brilliant brainstorming? Do you like to play word puzzles? are you good at identifying words? Then there is an amazing and simple brain exercise and word puzzle on your mobile phone. Come and play the most addictive word puzzle and have a great experience in your android phone forever.

About Word Swipe Puzzle game

Word Swipe Puzzle is a new and creative word search game which is a great time killer and a nice brain exercise too. It is offered for free on the Google play store and has got in-app-purchasing.

The game falls under the puzzle category and is a really simple, small and great experience which provides us a quick simple brainstorming. It comes with beautiful landscapes and clear graphics and thousands of levels for you to go ahead and challenge your brain. So this application is overall a nice and simple brain exercise game which is good and effortless to be kept in mobile and is played easily anywhere and anytime.

 Word Swipe Puzzle

Gameplay Word Swipe Puzzle :

The game as its name suggests a puzzle game which comes with a variety of modes to play. The game controls are easy and interactive for your android phone. We just need to swipe the give word blocks and get the required word or identified word. This includes word search puzzles, word finder, thousands of levels, beautiful landscapes, clear graphics, and clue system, unlocking various themes, and other challenge rounds too.

Mode 1: creative word finder/ swipe finder/clear the cluster:

In this mode, we need to search and swipe letters. The aim is to find and identify hidden words. The letter blocks are arranged in a way in front of us where we need to swipe and find the desired word. Once we find the word then the word gets crushed with the letter block if you find the correct word.

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As the letter blocks are crushed, new hidden words appear on the screen. We need to have a quick scan on the cluster of the words and letters to get our word identified and found before time runs out and clear the whole cluster. Once we find all the words, we win the level and then advance to the next cluster.

Mode 2: word finder with clues

The next part of the game is the word finder mode. In this mode we don’t need to swipe through any cluster of letter blocks, instead, this one challenges our brain to find a word whose clue is provided in the round. Every puzzle has got a phrase/clue to be identified. This brain teaser is an addictive mode of the game.

A new kind of word finder which challenges our brain. Try to find as many words as possible to boost the score. You will be given a clue or phrase for each word, and simply on recognizing the correct word we need to type it in the given space. If we answer the correct word then we advance to the next question. In this way, this game is addictive as well as it does a nice quick brain exercise to us.

How to Play Word Swipe Puzzle 

The game has very easy and simple controls which take the least effort and gives maximum brainstorming to us.

Just search the words in accordance with the clue in the letter block cluster. Then swipe the cluster of letters. When we get the correct word identified, then swipe vertically or horizontally to get the correct word highlighted. When you get stuck, there is no worry, just tap on the “Hint” or Shuffle” or “Search” buttons to get the hurdle cleared. It will provide us hint to move ahead, or it will shuffle the given cluster so that we will identify the correct word easily.

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Download Word Swipe Puzzle Game 1.5.1 APK – Latest Update 2020

Application Name:Word Swipe Puzzle
File Size:32 MB
Current Version:1.5.1
Uploaded On:April 30, 2020
Requires Android:3.0 and up

Download Word Swipe Puzzle APK Here

What’s More in Word Swipe Puzzle?

As we complete each mission, we get coins. Gain as many coins possible to unlock more beautiful themes.
There is a hidden bonus word in the word finder round which is not given to us in the list. Identify the hidden bonus word to get extra credit and bost our coin collection.
The game starts with easy challenges and gradually takes the difficulty level to higher versions where we get excellent brain teasing.
There are thousands of levels in the game. So we may never get bored with the game.
There are clear animation and graphics presented to us in the game. We can also change the themes and backgrounds from the collection of various themes and different backgrounds and landscapes, plus we can also use the unlocked themes.
We can easily use the hint, shuffle and search buttons.
Easy, simple and interactive controls.

So this brand new and creative word puzzle game is the most addictive brainstorming game which is a must present application. It is available free on thinkGSM.

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