World War Rising

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World War Rising for Android

World War Rising is a new game that is coming to your mobile at the end of this October. This new game will change the battlefield forever, the troops and war machine from World War I to modern combat all have combined and ready to come in World War Rising to make you experience the world-class gaming experience.

World War Rising is published by Mobile war LLC and will be available for two popular platforms Android and iOS. The game will be available for Android 4.4 or later while for iOS 9.0 or later.

This game is a place where you can experience your leadership quality and show it to your friends. Here you will experience Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Bonaparte, and many more. This game is the best war game to create a true leader in you. The new game will let you lead the ground the game is not about only fighting. War is placed from where the true leader comes. Start playing World War Rising and become the master of leadership.

The new Game is a combination that will enhance the gaming experience making you feel like you’re playing it in the real world. World War Rising is a combination of advanced military scenes and new technologies with some features from World War 1, World War 2, and some modern game design from the 21st century.

World War Rising

In this game, players will be assigned the task of building and developing the land. Players will need to complete the task after the task is completed you will be rewarded and these rewards points will help you to maintain and manage the land. At the first level of the game, you will get all the help to build and develop the land. To build the land you need to build plants for your countries like power plants, water plants, and many more, these plants will help you to build and grow your country slowly. While developing your country at the same time you need to make your Army very strong. There will be millions of players all around the world so need to make your decisions very wisely while selecting players for your army. Apart from building your army the leader’s main aim is to make a strong defense which will save your country from other countries attack. This is very important to fight and save your country at the same time.

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Once your country is has grown up slowly and steadily then you have your army with you. Now you have to decide and attack the players, you should be very careful and have to decide very carefully on which player you should attack. Attacking on the weak player will help you easily. You can easily kill them and receive rewards. And avoid attacking strong players which might easily damage you and your military force and this will surely change the gameplay and help the other team to attack your country.

World War Rising

The game comes with interesting gameplay with high-quality graphics and sound quality which makes you feel like you’re playing in a real-world war. You can Join this game which unlocks exclusive in-game gifts in the World War Rising game.

Download World War Rising APK | Latest Version 2020

Application Name: World War Rising
File Size: 58.0 MB
Updated On: October 10, 2020
Current Version:
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3 and up

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