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Download Xiaomi survival Game APK for Android from the link provided below. Xiaomi, after becoming master in smartphones has started developing games. Xiaomi this time is bringing a new game “Xiaomi Survival Game”. Battle Royale game is one of the popular genres in games from 2017.

About / Introduction

This is a shooter game with some twist. The game has some unusual rules which make it bit different from other survival battle game. Generally, we see all the Royale battle games come with the regular killing and the Battle Royale that too not with difficult skills.

The Xiaomi Survival Game is a Battle Royale video game which is like PUBG and Fortnite, these are the popular games which in the top list for a while now. These games have millions of players and fans from all around the World. Now coming back to the Xiaomi Survival Game it is being on the development and the test mode.

The company is recruiting their own, which is really good. Xiaomi itself is sending an invitation to those who own an Android Smartphone to play this game and test. The game characters are like cartoony with sci-fi look not too much difference which you might be expecting.

Xiaomi survival Game


Xiaomi Survival Game, a battlefield Royale game which is based on the real-time mode in which player needs to fight with each other until they are the only one who remains alive at the end will be the survivor and winner.

The new things which we might experience with the new battlefield game presented by Xiaomi will be characters, weapons, and science fiction vehicles. These scenes also come with a fight function that allows the players to use the plane and you can even customize your character.

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The video games come with the optimized version at multiple levels which means the game can adopt several smartphones. The survival game map is truly different from PUBG maps and the characters are having scientific style.

The Xiaomi survival game map consists of all the structures which you can see is from the present day. Xiaomi weapons are named after real-world equivalents like Uzi, MP5 and when you really play with these weapons you will feel like it is completely blaster from the star world.

Xiaomi survival Game

The game is packed with high-quality visuals and sound quality with the more realistic and fun gameplay. This is based on a vast scale battle which is based on fiction story so the creativity which is coming with the new survival game is making it interesting and attractive. The theme on which the game is based on is from the future.

Talking about the gameplay, Xiaomi has explained the game will start with the player flying from a spaceship which is located on the map. The players will need to decide when and where they should land on the battlefield.

The player should be very careful while selecting the landing it should be very safe no other player and full of loot items which will help players to survive in the game. The player can become powerful with the loot items which will help to fight with other players and survive in the game.

Players need to be very careful while playing while killing the competitors they should save themselves as well and the last one standing at the battlefield will be the winner. The player will be coming from overseas through an alien craft passing all the sea and reaching the island, which will be the center of the battlefield.

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Xiaomi survival Game

It will have a 3D game map with lots of unique equipment all the things like a military base, weapon houses, and the laboratories with that little map with new fiction design are surprising players.

The game is played as usual with a basic combat tool which is controlled by an Analog-stick and a shooting key on the right. It will be also coming with essential function tools just on the right screen which will help to change the bullets, change weapons, and tract the stats with mini maps.

The newest game with the newest gameplay features which is equipped with the ultimate fight function. With this function, you can move all around the map and attack your competitor strategically.

Download Xiaomi survival Game APK – Latest Version 2020

Application Name:Xiaomi survival Game
Current Version:
File Size:185 MB
Uploaded On:September 26, 2020
Requires Android:4.0 and up

Download Xiaomi survival Game APK File Here

How to Install Xiaomi Survival Game

1. First, download the Xiaomi survival Game file from the link provided below.
2. Now, you need to go to the settings, and then go to the Security of your device
3. Once you tap on security option, scroll down, you will find unknown sources just tick mark that option and continue
4. Now go to Downloads and tap on Xiaomi survival Game and click on install.
5. The Xiaomi survival Game will be downloaded on your device and then follow the instructions to enjoy the game on your Device

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