Yokai: Spirits Hunt

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Download Yokai: Spirits Hunt APK for Android 2019 Latest Version from the link provided below. This game is one of the upcoming new games on play store and is developed by the company cube magic interactive.
Yokai, as the name suggests, seems to be something with a Japanese concept. This game is based on an ancient storyline which we will discover down the lane.

Storyline or plot:

This game is set in the ancient times of the 1008 AD in the city of Xiangfu. This was during the ceremony of the emperor song Zgehzong in the company of the grandmaster in Taoism. The things messed up when the sky turned black with rage sounds and the presence of demons. This ended up with the gushing of the yokai and there was silence prevailed all around. This resulted in the vanishing of the emperor and the Taoism followers in the ether. This made the yokai and the bad spirits or the demons roar to the victory very easily.

Features of the game:

1. The “manga” style: the introductory stories are told in a traditional or exotic manga style which is one of the unique features of the game.
2. Fascinating storyline: the storyline of the game is very unique and fascinating. This game consists of the invasion and conquering concept with amazing dramatic looks to the game.
3. Handmade art graphics: this game is excellent with the concept of graphics. It has got stunning graphics and handmade artwork to discover. This gives a very authentic exotic environment to the game.

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Yokai: Spirits Hunt
4. Battles which are strategic: this unique gameplay and story work marvelously during battles for the players. The amazing formations are attracting as well as the players are allowed to move the yokai as they want. This is innovative.
5. Different characters choice available: this game provides the players the liberty to choose from over 70 + characters and each with their own stories. Each character has different and unique abilities on their part and very impressive to use, each with a new story to unfold.
6. Inner game quest: The quest inside the game makes the game more special. The players are allowed to discover the unique journey of the little spirit master. They have to collect chest to win rewards where the demons and yokai are sometimes very tricky and can make the player lost if trapped in their strategy.
7. PVP AND PVE combat battles available: the players are also allowed to enjoy the real-time game with their friends and family. They can make a team to win up to the game and become the top spirit hunter worldwide.
8. Combinations and easy controls: the player is allowed to make combinations and the easy controls of the game make it even more interesting.

Download Yokai: Spirits Hunt APK for Android 2019

Application Name: Yokai: Spirits Hunt
Current Version: 1.15.001
File Size: 85 MB
Uploaded on: August 01, 2019
Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Click here to download APK file

This amazing game is avaibale to download from the above link, the APK file has been uploaded without any modification and is free to download, for more APK’s of latest games stay tuned with thinkGSM.


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