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About Youtube Kids

Today is the age of video streaming and broadcasting. There are a lot of online websites which on a big platform upload many videos of different genres for a large number of users. Among these websites, YouTube is currently the King of all.

Today YouTube has been pulling up 1.8 Billion users every month proving to be the best service of Google. It provides videos of the entire genre to users every day, making it one of the most used apps globally. But one the fact is that users have been provided videos in all categories, which makes it unsafe for children to use.

As modern-day childhood needs to be trained technically and are required to get into usage of the internet for their development, in this situation YouTube is a great source of information and updates to the children, but their security is now standing behind a big question mark as uploaders put on a variety of content in different genres and some of them like, adult content and videos with extreme violence can affect the children’s mentality in adverse ways.

YouTube Kids

Even after putting on security features, data slip in and get uploaded in alternate forms which are inappropriate for children to view and watch. YouTube has been looking at this problem for a long and has developed YouTube Kids, in April 2017 Globally in many countries.

Youtube Kids app is another version of Youtube which is in the orientation with the safety and point of view of Kids. It includes filtering, parental controls, a curated selection of Content, and the safety of children.

YouTube Kids make is safer and simpler for Kids to gain information and explore the world. Its aim is to make the upcoming generation smart and safe from the inappropriate content on the internet as well as give a boost to their education by online videos.

YouTube Kids provide a variety of features to the users to make it child safe. Some key features are listed below:

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YouTube Kids

1. Kids Profile:

Users can make a profile for each child user on YouTube Kids. Every account can have filters and preferences for the respective child. It will also provide video recommendations for the children to watch. In this way, each child using YouTube Kids will own an account in which watch preferences can be set. Children can also access their account on any device where YouTube Kids are installed.

Creating an account in this app is discussed below:

1) Enter the year of birth of you (the parent) in a YouTube kid’s app
2) Select your account
3) Read and agree with the agreement in the parental control form. You will be required to enter your Google password.
4) There will be a section where content blocking and reporting
5) Enter your Child’s name and further details.
6) Hence your child’s profile has been created.

2. Blocking facility:

YouTube Kids also provide a blocking facility to its users. If we find a channel uploading inappropriate content not suitable for Kids, we can block that particular channel. On blocking the channel, we will find no more videos from that particular channel without disturbing the content of any other channel. We can block as many channels as we want and ensure security for the children.

To block a channel on YouTube Kids follows the given instructions:

1) You will find options: button adjacent to the video. Tap the options menu
2) Tap Block this video/ block this channel option.
3) You will be asked to enter your passcode or other numbers flashing on the screen.
Hence, your video is blocked with such simplicity.

YouTube Kids

3. Watch it again (Watch History)

We can also keep a check on the previously watched videos by the Kids recently. In this way, we can check the watching history of our Kids.

To use this feature, follow the below instructions:

1) Select the Recommended button on the button on top of the home screen.
2) Swipe right and select Watch it again videos.
Now, you will access the videos and watch the videos recently watched by the Kids. It will hold the videos recently watched by the kid.

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4. Search control:

You can also control the search option in the YouTube Kids app. As a parent, we can lock and unlock the search option. To make the scope wider for your child, turn the search on.

If you want to set a type of video to be watched by your Kids you can turn off the search option.

5. Parental controls:

We can set up the ultimate parental controls on YouTube kid’s app to ensure watching the safety of your child as there will be always some data that will slip in and can be inappropriate for the kid to watch.

1) We can use the lock icon on the top of the page to lock the page, in this way we can restrict the watching area of the child
2) Enter your custom passcode
3) Set up a timer. The timer will make you control how much time your kid will use the video. Using the timer, you can limit the time of watching videos on YouTube of your Kids.
4) We can also report if we find any video which is inappropriate and should not be on YouTube Kids. YouTube will look over and get it removed as soon as possible.

Download YouTube Kids APK Version 2020

Application Name: Youtube Kids
Current Version: 5.34.3
File Size: 34.19 MB
Uploaded on: October 3, 2020
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Click here to download the APK file

So, the YouTube kid’s app is a complete set of exploration and knowledge and fun packages for your Kids which will always secure the watching safety. Kids will be able to access YouTube in every aspect they are required to.

YouTube for a long time has been taking surveys to get suggestions and recommendations from sources. After getting the surveys, YouTube has developed this app for the coming up generation to be safe and smart. So, make sure to get this app for your kid, is going to ensure kid’s knowledge and safety in all directions.

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