Fortnite 2: All the latest news, rumours, release date and more

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Fortnite 2: All the latest news, rumours, release date and more

Fortnite is one of the popular Royale battle games which have been going fabulously and even getting more popular day by day. Recently Fortnite has got its new Season 5 just after the end of Season 4 and speculations are started regarding the Fortnite sequel “Fortnite 2”.

There is no announcement regarding Fortnite 2 to date. But as we have seen every game comes with a sequel, so we can imagine Epic will also continue to follow the trend.

The game series generally follow the path from the 1st series and continuous with the continuation of the story and games mechanism. Now we will check out every point and see what Fortnite 2 can offer to impress their fans.

Fortnite 2:  All the latest news, rumours, release date and more

Fortnite has Hidden story

While going through Fortnite, it is bit clear that Fortnite contains some hidden stories in it, which clears our speculations after the end of season 4. Some meteors were crashing in the maps after which hop rocks left at the crater were moved to Snobby Shores. Another hint Fortnite has given is lair firing rockets which are moving towards the towers and accidentally becoming large in the map as the time passes.

So what these hints are depicting? To check the story for Fortnite 2 we have gone through the theory which is lying between Fortnite Royale Battle and save the world mode. The Royale Battle game events are leading towards the Zombie apocalypse. Now talking about the Fortnite sequel, it can come in the Vein of mad max which we have seen taking place in the desert environment.

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This is quietly clearing the thoughts regarding the sequel, which might come with some Zombies in the Royale Battle landscape mode. Another story that might come with Fortnite 2 is a group of humans which are trying to survive the apocalypse.

Traditional Mechanics in the Sequel

Sometimes we have seen the sequel consist of traditional mechanics which we have seen in the first part. In this sequel, we can expect to have the same mechanics seen in the Royale Battle that everybody has loved and enjoyed. The story does not end yet here, along with the traditional Royale battle we can have Build and shoot combat like the original one.
These were the things which are the same but we can expect to have new things too as we are talking about the sequel. It might come with completely new locations and some new fighting ways to make it more interesting.

As we have seen currently the game is featuring a hilly and homogeneous environment which is just perfect for the following current game. And with this, the expectations are increased for the sequel which might have the expansion of this current mode. It is like a dream, running in a jungle and building in a Jungle or fighting for the Royale victory in a Gigantic Cave on the top of the mountain.

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Expansion story does not end here, there are infinite ways in which story could expand for Fortnite 2 depending upon combat. The current game is having lots of new things and items like hop rocks. As we have experienced these hop rocks have come closest to a vehicle was short-lived jetpacks. So we might see the second installation in the Fortnite 2 with an introduction to the new vehicles and other clever items.

So now getting over the apocalypse, is there any chances or not to be featured in Fortnite 2. The rockets and meteors have depicted the change between the season 4 and season 5. We are just predicting as there is no formal information regarding the sequel. We can also think of other alternatives like World War, a huge volcanic explosion, Ice age, it could be anything.

Fortnite 2:  All the latest news, rumours, release date and more

We could imagine having an Island which is surrounded by impinging deep-sea lava. Here it creates a new game circle where there are rivulets and streams of lava that should be avoided to be safe. In other words, it is a circle boundary which we should not cross to have a safe play. And this boundary will get diminished as the volcanic lava starts to spread all over the area.

This would be a Jurassic world which consists of dinosaurs as well. Which also includes cars as a vehicle but boats will be missing. So if you need to get out of an Island, there is only a single way that is to create rafts. These rafts should consist of at least one-floor panel and a wall panel. It will become a sail whenever you built it on a Boat. As the player falling in lava, this boiling lava will slowly take their health. So just get yourself prepared for the Royale Battle boat challenge.

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We are sure to expect all new kicking Royale battle experience with the Fortnite Sequel. As a fan, everybody would be excited to see what new will be coming.

Stay tuned to thinkGSM for more updates on Fortnite 2.


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