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Fortnite Battle Royale : latest v4.5 updates and patch notes

Fortnite battle royale is one of the most popular battle royale game developed and published by Epic Games. It’s been one of the biggest royale battle games and generated a record for $318 Million in a single month. This is incredible and hard to believe that the free play game has generated the largest revue in just 1 month. Fortnite is royale battle game as other it features up to 100 players, it can be played alone or with a team of two or four players. In this game, players have to attempt to be the last player alive by killing their enemies. As the game will be proceeding towards its end the map will be shrinking making it more difficult to survive. The player must hunt for weapons and armor while fighting with other players to gain power and more points than other players. The game also features that all the buildings and the resources can be broken down to build their power as a party of game strategy.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite battle royale gameplay is all about a royale battle game with up to 100 players. Players will dive from a plane then move into a battle bus where weapons, shields and other fighting and self-defense weapons will be distributed randomly. The main goal of the game is to be alive by killing other players or enemies using weapons or by avoiding them. As the gameplay time increases the safe zone map will reduce gradually making it difficult to survive until the game ends. To win the battle player can fight with enemies or loot their weapons. Even players can loot the weapons and items which are randomly dropped during the game.

In Fortnite Royale Battle game, players can destroy the materials like stone, wood, and metals which can be used by players to make floors, walls, roofs etc. These objects will help you to slow down your opponent’s power and protect the player from gunfire. Fortnite, free play and allows players to buy Vinderbucks which is its internal currency. Vinderbucks are also shared with main Fortnite game save the world which offers to earn Vinderbucks when players complete missions on daily basis. Players can use Vinderbucks for cosmetic improvement to the player’s character.

Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite has released its new patch v4.5 on 27th June with new features and some changes which also helps to improve its performance. Here now we will be talking about the new patch released what’s new and what does have changed in this latest version.

Fortnite’s Pencil warriors have been removed

In this latest version, one important feature has been removed called Pencil warriors. The building structure is one of the important skill in this game. Players used to see through the building structure they have constructed by entering the edit mode and removing the square. With this player were able to hide and see what their enemies are doing, without being in contact with them. At the peak of the game, this provides an advantage to the player who is able to see out but other players are not able to see in. In this latest patch, this advantage has been removed. In the previous version, the blocks you removed in the edit mode become clear. Now in this latest version, it will become opaque. The ability has been limited to the players who can see throughout the building they have constructed. Now the player cannot peek out of their building to see what other players are doing. If players need to see what’s going outside have to at least peek out their head. Now it’s impossible to see out of a building being completely invisible for other players. These changes will definitely go to affect many players behavior.

Fortnite Battle Royale

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New Weapons

The latest version is added with Dual Pistols to experience much more powerful fire and fun with all new weapons. Damage from the weapons is now clearly measured. Explosions are now able to destroy all the structures which are within the area, that structure too which are not visible from the explosion center.

Fortnite’s Playground Update

This is one of the most awaited mode Playground, has finally been arrived in Fortnite. This is a time-limited playground mode where players can play freely with p to three friends for one hour. In this Playground, players can practice how to build and shoot at hearts. This mode will be coming with friendly fire so you can team up and call your friends for practice. You can play freely as you will not die, if you’re shot by a gun you will come back and can play the game further. You will only die and the game will end if you are killed by a storm which will start at the last 5 minutes. This playground match will last for 1 hour. In this Playground, you can play without any pressure. You and your friends can play and experiment your creativity and practice how to play with the weapons and items.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Final Fight Team of 12

This mode will be replacing its old final fight Team of 20. In this mode, the team will be making a circle and will be fighting for their victory. This is a similar to standard royale battle, in this instead of storm circles closing the ways to go out and fight, they will stop apart from the match. When the final circle has been finished at that time the final countdown starts. The remaining team in the battle will fight till the end to win the battle. The team with most of the players remaining at the end will win the game.

Fortnite Battle Royale

New Enemy

This version will be introducing all new enemies Super Shielder, this new super shielder will be working as old shielder but it will be extending its shield much further than the old ones and protecting all the enemies inside the bubble.


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